I got tagged by Jamie at choosing my own . . . with this homework project: List the contents of my purse. The timing of this homework project is perfect because I’m only on day 13 of 31 of daily listing for March and the automatic listmaker in my brain is drying out.

So, here is my purse:

Now, had I been tagged one year ago, the forthcoming list would have been a lot longer. But about a year ago, I started going to therapy. How did that change the contents of my purse? Well, for many years before, I had been carrying a Mondo-sized purse filled with every conceivable thing that Laura or I might ever need, even if we were suddenly kidnapped by Bandeirantes and taken up the Amazon river. My friends teased and called me Mary Poppins, but they were appreciative when I’d whip out moist wipes when their kids’ hands were nasty, or markers and activity books when they got noisy at a restaurant. But still. My shoulder always hurt. One day, when we were talking about therapists, Trish casually remarked that a therapist can tell how much emotional baggage a woman carries by the size of her purse. I knew right then that I was hosed. So before my first session, I bought a smaller purse. But then I had a dilemma. Therapy wasn’t going to be very successful if I hid my baggage, or the fact that I even had baggage. So at my first session with this therapist, I ‘fessed up to having purchased a new purse for the appointment. But still, I have carried the smaller purse for about a year now, and I choose to believe that this speaks metaphorically to the fact that I’m shedding emotional burdens. If I’m not, I’ve wasted a lot of time and money, but how fun is it to talk about nothing but yourself for a whole hour a week?

Here is my old purse next to my current purse (see for yourself that I’m carrying less baggage):


1. Wallet, checkbook and calendar

I know, I know, I might as well carry a stone tablet and chisel as a Week-at-a-Glance paper calendar, but isn’t the cover lovely? It is older than my first child (she’s 23), and so is the checkbook cover. The wallet is new, as the change purse on the older-than-Kristen wallet I had before wouldn’t close any more. So I wanted a new one to match the calendar and checkbook covers. I went to Louis Vuitton, picked it out, paid for it, and brought it home Tom gave it to me for our twelve-year wedding anniversary.

2. Sunglasses

Just like the ones I wore in 1975.

3. Reading glasses

Tres chic? No? (I did not have glasses like these in 1975.)

4. Reminder note

I sometimes forget things I want to tell my therapist, so I write it down. The need for reminder notes goes hand-in-hand with the need for reading glasses.

5. Feminine-hygiene product x 2

TMI Alert!!! Question: Will menopause never happen? Now that I need reading glasses and reminder notes, I’m ready to be over the need of these.

6. Packet of Splenda, hand sanitizer, hand cream, dental floss, hair band that Laura wore the other day as a necklace (?), and not one but two unused tubes of Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

Um, maybe a little, unplanned trip up the Amazon river could happen. If so, I’m ready, and my coffee will be sweetened, thank you very much.

7. Yellow highlighter

Item number 7 is needed for item number 8.

8. Current reading material

I have to carry this book around because I can only read five pages at a time before my head feels like it belongs to Johnny Mnemonic and will explode. So I read often, and in small doses. The book is excellent, in my humble opinion, by the way.

9. Purse tag

And so, Dear Readers, we come full circle. I really and truly discovered the tag that I’d removed from the outside of the purse in the inside pocket, where I’d stowed it a year ago and forgotten all about it. I have a purse tag on my purse tag list.

What’s in your purse? Consider yourself tagged.

15 comments on “List Day Thirteen: Purse Tag”

  1. I may have to take you up on this tag…as for the inevitable feminine-hygiene products, my kids call them party favors. My baby was screaming in the car one day and one actually kept him occupied for the rest of the ride home. My husband was mortified. Hey, necessity IS the mother of invention…

  2. Use the OB tampons instead, and you may be able to have a smaller purse.

    Agreed, however, that there is no point in having menopause happen so late. Hey, if I can’t have babies at 45 (believe me, I’ve tried), why do I have to put up with this nonsense?

  3. I got the tag too…from my daughter (jamie at choosing my own) and intended to post a picture of my feminine products… but decided that was just T M Damn I.

    Sorry…just kidding. I am all about TMI. When I get around to doing this assignment you will see my Extra Super Canyon sized tampon and the TINY purse that goes with it…. cause …umm…I don’t have any…ummm baggage (except this time of the month) but I do have the same therapist as Cheri and I highly recommend him!

  4. I have a serious purse addiction. I have to swear off buying them for a year because there are too many.

    But guess what I walk out of the house with generally.
    Keys. Wallet. Camera. Sunglasses. No purse.

    Does your therapist make email calls?

  5. Lordy, Lordy, Trish! Don’t tell anyone else his name, it’s hard enough to get an appointment when I want one. Seriously, I love our Dr. Teddy Ruxpin.

    And, no, he doesn’t make house or email calls that I know of, and yes, Deb, you can have his info. Just email me and it’s yours.

  6. Wait, wait, don’t give out Teddy Ruxpin’s info yet. I called for an appt. yesterday.

    Thanks for playing Cheri. I feel like I know you so much better npw. And, is that an Epipen in the picture?

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