While I was gazing into my crystal ball looking through old blog posts, I saw that Laura might have a future as . . .

1. A body guard

2. An eye doctor in Kansas

3. An NFL broadcast analyst

4. Cousin Itt

5. An undertaker

6. The Surgeon General

7. A pearl diver

8. A truck driver

9. A food critic

10. Commander-in-Chief

11. A March 2008 NaBloPoMo participant

22 comments on “List Day Nineteen: What My Crystal Ball Says About Laura”

  1. If she wants to be an undertaker, she can join forces with my sons who tend to put bugs into the position of needing such a person! I’m looking for them to be CSI kind of guys!!
    She is certainly a cutie!!

  2. So she’ll definitely be a MOM then too … because Mom’s are always being bodyguards, picking out eye stuff, going to Sporting Events, fixing hair, saving/squishing bugs, giving health advice, searching for pearls and gems, driving around, assessing food, being the Boss, and making lists (for our husbands).

    Go girl.

  3. “Eye doctor in Kansas” made me LOL!
    I love WoO and the fact that you dressed her up as Dorothy. My kids have been almost every WoO charater except for D.
    I added you as a “Friend” on my blog!! 🙂

  4. Most of those are very respectable careers, I just don’t know about Cousin It, does he make a good salary?

    Either way, Laura’s choices are WAY better than my daughters’, which currently flip flop between a policeman and a unicorn.



    p.s. Thanks for the blogroll add despite my talk of mucous and poo.

  5. I love, love, love that she makes lists complete with check boxes next to them. She’ll come around to green beans and salmon in good time.

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