Laura: “What are you and Daddy going to do while I’m at the sleepover party?”

Mommy: “Oh, we’ll think of something.”

Laura: “Why don’t you do something that you can’t do when I’m at home?”

Mommy [amused]: “Hmmm. Like what?

Laura [pauses in thought]: “I know! You could pay taxes!”

11 comments on “Light the Candles, Put Barry White on the iPod, and Get Down with . . . IRS Form 1040?”

  1. I’m bowing down in clunkclunk’s general direction!
    Dude…that was funny!!
    Oh…and Cheri, the post was too!!
    If you keep a straight face during these conversations, then…you are a stronger woman than I.
    Here I go again…bowing again in YOUR direction!!!

  2. @ClunkClunk’s fan club: My daughter has excellent taste. My future grandchildren will surely be artistic, smart, beautiful, and funny little dudes . . . but not for at least ten more years, okay ClunkClunk?

  3. As partner and lover of ClunkClunk, what can I say? I’m a lucky woman. Mom, in ten years, you will most likely have more than one grandchild. Deal.

    Love you.

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