laura looked so cute with her little wet head wrapped in pink terrycloth.
so i took a picture of her.
then i got an idea.
i cropped it in photoshop.
i liked it a lot.
i decided to share it.
so i uploaded it to my blog.
and then the strangest urge to use only lowercase letters came over me.

and then my head exploded. the end.

don’t blame me. she started it.

23 comments on “lauradidnot”

  1. laura has THE most beautiful eyes…love the pink terry cloth.

    “and then my head exploded”…glad to know that i’m not the only one who now thinks this particular comment in certain situations…many times a day, my friends, many. times. a. day.

  2. “Any more.” Twice. Now three times. See how much I really mean it?

    (I need brain-check after I type. Like spell-check, but checking to see if I’m all equipped in the head. Which today, I am not.)

  3. ok, apparently i’m the only one who uses lower case in comments. i’m so lame! i feel all conspicuous now.

    oh, who am i kidding, i love feeling conspicuous, it’s all about mememe.

    wait, this was about laura? not me? seriously?

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