I miss my blog and my blog friends. I have a lot of catch up to do. My Google Reader is busting its zipper and my keyboard has a forlorn look on its face. On the morning following shoulder surgery, under the influence of narcotics, I posted a brief account of my post-operative status. It was a misguided attempt at being all “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar” and stuff. My shoulder has hurt like the dickens ever since the initial anesthetic wore off, and particularly since Sunday when I stopped taking the aforementioned narcotics. I had to kick the drugs cold turkey because I couldn’t open the childproof cap my husband was secretly trying to off me by “forgetting” to write down when I’d taken the last one they made my stomach feel worse than my shoulder and I detest how my brain feels on drugs.

I could never be a rock star given my distaste for narcotics. Well, that, and the fact that I can’t sing or play an instrument.

Although I was blessed to attend the local pre-Bossy road trip planning event, I missed the actual Bossy visit because my family staged an intervention and checked me into rehab shoulder hurt real bad. I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone by not showing up because I was supposed to bring my Vicodin to the potluck. I was really bummed to miss out because I have no friends in the real world this is a great group of women and I wanted to spend more time with them. Check out the fabulous accounts of the evening over at Jamie’s blog, Kate’s blog, Jenn’s blog, Deb’s blog, and Aaryn’s blog. Gals, I meant what I said about hosting a pool party for our next big adventure – if you are ready to brave the ever-present danger lurking in the deep end.

Other than struggling with bottle caps and shoulder slings, things have been pretty slow at Blog This Mom! this week, so I will simply share the little laugh that Laura gave her dad and me as she was on her way to school yesterday. Laura’s teacher had just finished reading The Other Boleyn Girl, and I promised to loan her a couple more Phillipa Gregory books (I think they’re a hoot, btw), including this one:

When I handed this book to Laura to take to her teacher, Laura looked at the cover and said, “Oh, my teacher’s former name was Virgin, before she got married.”

Laura’s dad and I choked back a laugh and off they went to school. Then I emailed Laura’s teacher, and sure enough, although her maiden name wasn’t really Virgin, it was close, Visser. Laura’s teacher, the former Virgin Visser, had a good laugh too.

24 comments on “Ketchup or Catsup?”

  1. Cannot wait for the pool party.

    One time I was reading a book at basketball practice and my son’s friend came up and asked “Whatcha’ reading.” I hemmed and hawed, but finally had to admit it was “Good in Bed.” Luckily, his mom was also reading it.

    Heal quickly.

  2. My best friend out here had shoulder surgery…. and I decided to keep quiet, because I was hoping you would fare better the rest….. I’m sorry to hear you are hurting…. and I’m sure hurting a lot….

    Thinking of you…..

  3. Keep taking care of yourself over there, Cheri. As a friend told me last summer when I was recovering from surgery, no one gives you any medals for pushing yourself too soon.

    I want an invite to that pool party.

  4. I would come to the pool party too if I didn’t live about 2000 miles away.

    Seriously, Cheri, try ibuprofen, it is a good anti-inflammatory and doesn’t make your head feel weird. Eat something before you take it though.
    Toughing it out will only wear you out and slow down the healing process.

    Ever your,
    Nurse Soujourner.

  5. I’m sorry, but someone’s messin’ with you–Virgin and Visser don’t sound alike at ALL.

    Missed you, and glad you’re feeling a bit better.

    I’m a huge P.G. fan myself…I think I’ve read every single one!

  6. I had been wondering if your post-op report wasn’t a tad drug-infused…ehem…I mean optimistic. Glad you are on the mend now.

    And I’d definitely just reset that google reader right now. The last thing your shoulder needs is to type its way through…what…150+ posts?

    Happy Friday, Cheri! And welcome back!


  7. I was so getting ready to send you an e-mail if you hadn’t posted today! Glad you’re feeling better…sorry it kind of knocked you a bit loopy there for awhile…
    And Mrs. G is right…don’t go pushing yourself too soon…even if you think you can do something, wait a day, or two.
    Milk this one for as loooooonnnggg as your family will let you get away with!!!
    And…that pool party…will be..when?? 😀

  8. Good to see you posting. You’ve been missed!
    Amazing how (misguidedly) wonderful you can feel on pain killers, right?
    Hope the shoulder gets (all) better soon.

  9. Hope you’re feeling better, woman. And though we missed you, the lack of Vicodin wasn’t the only downer. I didn’t bring my Mary Janes, if you know what I mean, and there was expressed disappointment by one of the other guests who shall remain nameless.

    And to think I was worried about appearing delinquent…

  10. Funny, my name was “Virgin” before I was married, too. *wink*

    I adore the historical dramas of Philippa Gregory, too. They’re deliciously addicting.

    Be well!

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