Caffeine Advisory:
It is wise to get at least one cup of coffee in your belly early in the morning in case a conversation like the one that came my way over breakfast happens to you.

Laura: “I’m going to wear my pink-and-white top with the hood today.”

Mom: “Okay.”

Laura: “What do angels do with their halos when it’s raining and they wear hoods?”

Mom: “Well, the halo hovers above the angel’s head, outside of the hood.”

Laura: “They can’t do that.”

Mom: “Why not?”

Laura: “The halo would get wet.”

Mom: “Halos are waterproof.”

Laura: “No they aren’t. If halos get wet the magic gets soaked out.”

Mom: “Halos are magical?”

Laura: “Angels are magical.”

Mom: “They are?”

Laura: “Magic is how they are able to leave Heaven to come to Earth.”

Mom: “Oh. How do you know that?”

Laura: “I just do.”

Mom: “Oh.”

Laura: “I think angels carefully tuck their halos inside their hoods when it rains.”

Mom: “That’s what I’d do if my halo wasn’t waterproof.”

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