My friend Jamie just might be the most loving human being I have ever known. If you know Jamie, then you know of her love. If you know Jamie in the blogging world, you know that her words are always inspirational, soothing, and encouraging. If this is the your first introduction to Jamie, you’ll feel her love now, too.
Jamie’s love nurtures.
Jamie’s love teaches.
Jamie’s love bespeaks.
Jamie’s love transcends.
Jamie’s love is multifaceted.
Jamie’s love is preparing to spread across the planet.
Let’s help Jamie get there:
Heart for Africa

Please give. No gift is too small.

“In every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”
~Rachel Carson

15 comments on “Jamie’s Heart”

  1. Cheri, I have always felt the tremendous depth of your spirit. Your own heart reaches into the world and shares such kindness, humility, grace, and l-o-v-e.

    Thank you for being exactly you, and for helping me follow this dream.

    I couldn’t love you more.

  2. Wow times infinity squared.

    You are the best friend in the whole world and she is the best daughter in my whole world.

    Thank you for spreading the word!!

  3. Beautiful! (Jamie’s heart and yours, too, Cheri)

    I have a friend here whose son is a doctor in Malawi. She goes to work with the women, too.

    It is truly a small world.

  4. Not only is the love in Jamie evident in pretty much everything she does, but….the love FOR Jamie is amazing, too.
    and yes, definitly….I’ll help…when I get my crap together and have some to spare….’cause I kinda like James, too!! <3

    btw..there was a documentary about an older couple here in Japan that have done basically what Jamie is going to do…they were watching the news on tv one night, saw that people were volunteering to help in Africa and decided right then and there to go. I’m in awe of people who know what their mission in life is. i think i’m still searching for mine…..

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