. . . on my iPhone, which is obviously a necessary and highly enjoyable pairing with my Adam Lambert iPhone wallpaper.


Laura and I were upstairs and I thought I heard my iPhone ringing downstairs.

Me: “My phone is downstairs and I hear it ringing.”

Laura: “That isn’t your phone.”

Me: “I think it is.”

Laura: “It’s not Adam Lambert . . . unless his latest song is ice cream truck music.”


17 comments on “It’s Probably No Surprise That I Have an Adam Lambert Ringtone . . .”

  1. My ringtone is the Doctor Who theme (David Tennant = my Adam Lambert – sort of). I’m thinking I’m FAIRLY unlikely to mistake ice cream truck music for that.

    And why is my iPhone trying to autocorrect ‘ringtone’ to ‘ringbone’? What is a ringbone? Do I even want to know?

  2. What? What do they sell from ice cream trucks? My ring tone goes “riiiinnnng” like a phone or something. Androids don’t have ring tones I guess.

    My verification word is whine. True story.

  3. My ringtone is something Irishy, but my daughter is the only one that recognizes when it goes off. I should probably change it to something I’ll respond to, lol. But my notification ding apparently sounds exactly like my son’s wheezing while he sleeps. Last night I thought I was getting all sorts of emails and twitter responses, but I realized this morning that it was just him breathing (he has a cold). And why doesn’t the ice cream truck ever come to my neighborhood? I’d be all over that

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