It’s like I’m practically famous for my sugar addiction issues. It’s like how the media picks up the story when a celebrity has relapsed.


It’s like C&H uses some sort of keyword search application and I tweeted something about Halloween candy one too many times.

Either way.

The question is should I call my agent now where call my agent now equals eat another two a bunch of teeny weeny “not-so-fun-size” bags of M&Ms now?

30 comments on “It’s Like I’m Practically Famous”

  1. You should totally call a real agent and get a whole ten-week reality TV series where everyone sits around eating candy ’til someone throws up. Then that person gets voted off and sent home.

    At the end, the winner of your TV series will automatically be sent over to the Biggest Loser series to lose the weight from eating all that candy for ten weeks.


  2. I actually ate a Reese peanut butter cup after 12 hours of class today. It cost me 7 points! Whew!

    And, since this is about you and not me, CALL a REAL agent! Milk Dud this for all it’s worth! Heehee!

    Love you!

  3. I’m picking fun-sized Oreo cookies out of my teeth right now. Swear to God.

    What? You didn’t know about fun-sized Oreos? They’re fun because you can eat like 100 of them, instead of 40 regular ones. Or 20 Double-Stuffed ones. Fun!

    Plus? ILY.

  4. I totally read that last part as ‘fun-size-bags’. Which is not even close to what you were talking about.

    So what is it like to be stalked by a corporate entity?


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