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It’s All in the Tone

The telephone rang. She did not recognize the number on caller ID. It was warm and sunny outside, but she suddenly felt an unexplainable chill. Let it go to voicemail, her inner voice whispered. She’d missed the Oprah episode in which Gavin de Becker was a guest. She answered. Silence on the other end. She repeated, “Hello?” Silence. The unexplainable chill she’d felt when the phone rang gave way to slight irritation. “Hello?” “Hey,” replied a male voice. The slight irritation gave way to an explainable chill. Shaken, she did not respond. “I know you’re there,” said the voice. She stayed quiet. She considered hanging up. But she did not want to cower. Still, she wasn’t ready to summon the strong voice she felt was necessary to the task of replying. “I’ve missed you.” Her stomach lurched. She sat down. “How did you get this number?” she asked, barely concealing the lump in her throat and the urge to bellow. “I’ve missed you and I know you miss me too,” he said. “I’m hanging up now. Don’t call again,” she said. She hoped that her pounding heart could not be heard over the wireless connection. Just as she pressed “END” she heard, “I’ll see you soon.”

23 comments on “It’s All in the Tone”

  1. Well done.
    And timely. My sister is being stalked – by a female stalker. (Someone she once knew.) We were just discussing what she can do about it yesterday.

  2. You wrote this IN TEN MINUTES?!?!
    Cheri, please keep going. We’re all hooked and you just can’t leave us like this.
    I came to thank you for a sweet, sweet comment and got a cliffhanger! Good stuff.

  3. Wow…quite compelling writing! You have to write more. Or at least get a job writing the teasers on the back of suspense novels.

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