I have a few questions for us to ponder as follows:

Do you dream about writing a book someday?

How many bloggers do you know who would like to have a book published?

Do you have a great idea (or two) for a book?

Have you ever started writing a book?

And, the last question is:

Do you know Chrisy Ross from CSquaredPlus3 (now at ChrisyRoss.com)?

Chrisy walks among us, people! If you haven’t met her in the Blogosphere yet, she is an awesome woman, friend, writer, blogger, wife, mother, etc., and . . .


I am just a wee little bit excited about this. Can you tell?

I pre-ordered Chrisy’s book on Amazon and it was one of the more exciting things I’ve done in a while. I’m not making this up. And ordering Chrisy’s book on Amazon is not exciting because my life is that dull. What? It is not. Moreover, it isn’t that Chrisy didn’t offer to send me a book, because she did. I know her. I do! I WANTED to order it on Amazon because typing “Chrisy Ross” into the Amazon search prompt and seeing a book pop up was a little bit like seeing someone I know have her name up in lights. I think that having a book available on Amazon is Holy Grail-ish for a writer. I do. I think this. Don’t you?

Chrisy has no idea that I’m writing this post. She is very humble, loving, and giving, so she’ll probably see this and say, “Oh, thank you, but really, anybody could write a book. There are so many talented writers out there.” She says stuff like that. But here’s the thing, the truth of it, I think. There are many talented writers out there, but not all of them put their behinds in a chair and get a book written, and then go through what I imagine to be quite a process to get it from laptop to Amazon.com, right? Chrisy did it.

There is one more thing that I want to say about Chrisy’s book for now (I plan to do an unsolicited and proper book review later), which is that it is a light-hearted work with substance written by a humble and gracious woman from a place of love and truth. Does Chrisy sound like a bit of a saint? If so, it is because she does have many saintly qualities and those are peppered with a fabulous sense of humor and the vulnerability that makes her very real and a good woman friend. As with all topics written about that mean anything at all in the world, I am sure there will be some who may take a portion or portions of it out of context and feel troubled. It’s what we human beings do. Our egos, our pride, and our feelings can get prickled by one sentence in a sea of content and off we go. The very best thing about Chrisy is that she says things that matter, and she says them well. Unless it’s an audio or Braille book, reading requires open eyes. It is my wish that Chrisy’s book is also read with open hearts. I know Chrisy wrote it with her heart open.

If I know Chrisy, and I do (if I haven’t mentioned that before), this is going to be a great read. I can’t wait until my actual Amazon-ordered copy lands in my mailbox. I’ve already got that darned Carpenter’s song in my head, “Please Mr. Postman, look and see . . . ”

to Mormons, with LOVE

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  1. Both the author and the book sound wonderful! I checked out the Amazon page – hers is the kind of humour that definitely appeals to me. It’s not available on Amazon.ca but I’ll order a copy via .com
    Great review.

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