Remember this?



(I don’t remember it either.)

Dudes. Some cobwebs got all up in here while I was Writing Other Stuff, so I moved around the furniture and tidied up a bit. Now it’s time to open the windows and air the place out with some new content, and catch up on unfinished business.

Oh, yeah. There’s some unfinished business around here, like the rest of those posts about Paris that I said I’d write a while back. I’m going to make good on that promise, even if I have been as slow as molasses in January of 2012 about it.

Who among us doesn’t have some unfinished business anyway? If you don’t, you are probably task-oriented and make lists. Wait. That’s me. I make lists. I put lists on my iPhone, on a steno pad on my desk, and on a dry-erase board on the wall. What? That way, I know what to do. Oftenly, I set an alarm on my iPhone. That way, I know when to do what’s on the list.

Okay. Okay. I know that “oftenly” is not a word for realz, like one that would be in an official rulebook such as the Words With Friends Dictionary. However, some words become official by popular demand, which can totally happen if we all go to Twitter and Facebook right now and start trending #oftenly.

I oftenly hear my middle child use the soon-to-be-official-word “oftenly,” so shout out to her for making this word a reality (for me) (and for lots of people) (depending how the trending thing goes).

Sometimes I get distracted and digress. Do you? Wait. See what I mean? Distraction is happening again right now. This is exactly why I make lists.

So here’s a list of some of the posts coming soon to Blog This Mom!:

  • Panties mailed in brown paper packages
  • Hiding our panties in doctors’ offices
  • Real-time Facebook stalking
  • How saying “Let them eat macarons!” might have saved a queen’s head
  • Minding a bee’s beeswax
  • Grown women running around in tutus
  • Facebook quizzes, reincarnation, and Oprah’s dogs (there is a connection!)
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Actual emails from Blog This Mom!® readers who want to discuss gout
  • What ever happened to the Hot Toe Doctor?
  • Who kept reading this list to see if there would be more posts about panties?
  • If you kept reading this list to see if there would be more posts about panties because you’re a creepy perv, go away now.

Everyone but creepy pervs stay tuned. I’ll be back soon. And oftenly.

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  1. OH! Speaking of hawt doctors, mine just retired. But she has been replaced by another woman, and I am thinking the potential is there for hawtness 🙂

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