NaBloPoMo Day Twenty Four:
Is NaBloPoMo Having an Effect at Your House?

“Post every day for a month. That’s all you have to do.”
National Blog Posting Month Website

I found this message from Laura
on my laptop boyfriend this afternoon:

Readers, is NaBloPoMo having an effect at your house?

20 comments on “Is NaBloPoMo Having an Effect at Your House?”

  1. Things have simmered down now that I have lowered my novel writing expectations. But my blogging has become shoddy with my breaks.

    (Did she really type that up because that’s one direct, getting her needs met little girl if she did. Her future is bright.)

  2. Is it the post-writing, or the blog-decorating that she protesteth? Because I’d swear your place has a different look these days. Nice, but diff.

    NaBloPoMo has not changed much around here, except that the non-November birthday’ed kids are now expecting personalized poetry posted to the Internet on their big days.

    But I have me a little secret method of dealing with NaBloPoMo, that probably lessened the effect. (“I have me” is not a grammatical error; it’s a Southernism. By the way.) I’ll tell ya later. Heh heh.

  3. Well, I don’t commit to anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. NaBloPoMo was not necessary.

    Without planning, I had a blogging peak (posts scheduled for a week!) and then a valley (nothing). For someone who is a good writer (you) posting every day is a good thing. For someone who is not (me)I’d rather post nothing than drivel.

    I’m sure Laura is exaggerating. 🙂

  4. It’s having an effect here! I have been sitting in front of my computer ALL DAY hitting refresh, refresh, refresh, waiting for your next post. THANK YOU. Now I can finally hit the loo, have some dinner and put my kid to bed. What time is tomorrow’s post?

  5. I am also impressed by Laura’s directness – and her creativity.

    It has affected me more than anyone else hereabouts. I am finding myself really frustrated that I decided to take this on with everything else that I have going on. And I’m behind on everything which makes me feel like I’m doing nothing.

  6. I’m surprised that I still have stuff to write about this month. It hasn’t been nearly as difficult to do as I thought. But twice as hard to keep up on every one else’s blogs. 😉

  7. Okay…it did take me longer than 10 minutes to write my post, but it went quickly. And I wrote it before I came here. That said, sometimes primal thinking works for me. And other times it doesn’t and I have to go back inside a post and correct the typos.

  8. The only effect it had here was that I posted more than once this month. But I have thoroughly enjoyed your daily posts- even if I haven’t gotten to them daily- due to the fact that I am getting ready for a boutique at my house in a week.

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