It has been said before that we regularly enjoy a rousing round of Jeopardy in our household. A few nights ago, we gathered around the TV to vie, as we are wont to do, for the coveted position of being the first in the family to answer clues in the form of a question. With the big girls away at college, unless it is Kid Jeopardy (or Celebrity Jeopardy, which has easier clues than Kid Jeopardy), it is mostly Tom and me belting out answers these days, although the little one does hang out and sponge up information. Perhaps Tom and I still shout out answers to try to impress the other, but we’ve been married long enough that mostly we just end up impressing ourselves when one comes up with the correct answer to some esoteric clue. Still, we are always eager to be impressed by our youngest child, anytime, anywhere, and she never disappoints us in this regard. So it was that Tom and I got all giddy the other night when Laura belted out a couple of answers all on her own. And they weren’t just the cheesy $200 clues either. In short order, the kid made us feel pretty good about what we’ve been spending on her tuition. In fact, I got so swollen with pride that after Jeopardy concluded, I rewound the episode on the DVR and took pictures of the clues on the screen so I could blog about it. Sure I’ve been known to post an entry or two or three in which I brazenly, blatantly and unabashedly behave as a blogging braggart about my child’s accomplishments. But in furtherance of my ongoing effort to reach that ever-elusive state of self-actualization, I have decided that it is time to begin working Step One, i.e., admitting that I am powerless over my mommy blogging tendencies. Although I’m not sure I really want to recover from this proclivity any more than I want to recover from my recent penchant for the Perfect Gay Cosmopolitan.* Don’t you have to want to be helped before the recovery process can even begin?

Anyway, I’ll post the answers to these clues in the Comments section, so you can try your hand at answering them without peeking. Also, a big shout out to Laura’s darling and dedicated piano and first grade teachers. Without you two, this post would not have been possible.

*The Perfect Gay Cosmopolitan is distinguished from its “straight” counterpart by its fresh-squeezed lime juice and higher ratio of vodka to other ingredients.

4 comments on “IN WHICH She Brags About Her Youngest Child Without Even a Smackerel of Humility”

  1. She is so outstandingly brilliant, you need not be humble. And I have the same “problem” as you – bragging about my little one’s brightness and goodness.

    We need to justify the tuition it’s true, but they really, really are smarter than me!!!

  2. Okay, super-brilliant. I didn’t even know the second one, and I took piano for EIGHT YEARS! D’oh! 🙂

    You have good reason to brag, no disclaimers necessary. 😉

    I also love “Jeopardy”–you’re a girl after my own heart!

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