Scene One: A then four-year-old Laura, Mommy, and Daddy are together in the family room.

Laura: “Daddy, do you want to come and watch me jump on my bed?”

Daddy: “Laura, I don’t think you should be jumping on your bed.”

Laura [running toward her bedroom]: “Stay here Daddy. I want to be alone.”

Mommy: “Laura, are you going to go jump on your bed if we leave you alone?”

Laura [after a slight pause]: “Yes.”

Mommy: “But Laura, you can’t jump on your bed.”

Daddy: “Jumping on your bed is not allowed.”

Laura [heading for her bedroom]: “Okay, but just leave me alone.”

Mommy: “Are you going to jump on your bed if we just leave you alone.”

Laura: “Yes, but just leave me alone.”

Scene Two (a few minutes later): Laura is now sitting on her bed, and Daddy, who has followed her to her room, is showing no signs of leaving her alone.

Laura: “Daddy, tell Mommy to come in here. I want to teach her how to play the game ‘Flower Up, Flower Down.’”

Daddy [calling to Mommy]: “Mommy, come here. Laura wants to teach you how to play a game.”

Mommy [entering the bedroom]: “Okay Laura, I’m here.”

Laura: “Mommy, watch. This is flower up.” [She stands and jumps up.] “And this is flower down.” [She lands on her seat.]

Mommy: “Laura, this looks a lot like jumping on the bed.”

Laura: “No Mommy. This is the ‘Flower Up, Flower Down’ game.”

2 comments on “IN WHICH Her Parents Caught a Glimpse of the Coming Years With a Smackerel of Trepidation”

  1. I am cracking up because we actually have “Flower Up, Flower Down” in NIA! Is it possible that Laura has been sneaking out to the Mission Valley Y? 😉

    You have an awesome ear for dialogue. 😉

    And thanks for your support, dearie. I could use it today!


  2. If you want to avoid serious problems during her teenage years, be sure you don’t allow her to take “stealth” lessons from Kayla!!
    As long as she remains obvious, you’ll be fine!

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