Fundraising. There, I said it. And you can say it too.

May 7 is the deadline for Jamie to raise enough money to take her heart to Africa!

Please give.
No gift is ever too small.

Let’s help Jamie get to Africa.

Tweet, blog, update your Facebook status.

Spread the F-word today. For Jamie. For the kids in Africa.

12 comments on “In Which Cheri Drops the F-Bomb”

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  2. Dear Term Papers,

    If you’re gonna come over here and leave a spam comment trolling for business, why not be man enough to just say so?

    Rather than deleting your disingenuous comment, I will leave it there so folks will know that you are a douche.

    Regards indeed, Cheri

  3. Like Term Papers is gonna come back and read my responsive comment. Heh. I crack myself up sometimes. Also? Since I’m commenting to myself and replying to myself, I think we can all (and by all I mean me, myself, and I) agree that it’s probably time for to put my carbohydrate-deprived self to bed. 🙂

  4. also? does term papers sell term papers? because i know two people who will pay cash for good term papers. one is me and the other has five last names and an accent.

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