I’m playing with the brilliant, creative, and stunningly beautiful San Diego Momma again, and it isn’t even PROMPTuesday. We are Bloggers Gone Wild, I tell you, W.I.L.D.

You can play too. Your mission, should you choose to accept it If you want to play, you have to go see San Diego Momma. There you will find your “assigned” topic in the comment immediately following your comment on her post, which will have a topic from you for the next person.

It’s really much simpler than I’m making it seem.

Go on, you’ll see.

San Diego Momma will be publishing a list of links to the posts of the posters who were formerly commenters. You’re following the bouncing ball, right?

Go to San Diego Momma and check it out. She ‘splains it more better.


You get that I’m not doing this well (and curse you law school education for making me so long-winded), and that you should already be at San Diego Momma by now?

Are you going to stop what you’re doing this instant and go to San Diego Momma, or do I have to pull this blog over right now?

Okay. I’m back. (And you must be too. Hi! I missed you.)


My assigned topic is to write about a typical day in my parallel universe.

In My Parallel Universe
The globe is not warming.

The desert’s not storming.

All diseases are cured.

Souls and spirits are stirred.

All children are fed.

Each one has a bed.

I listen with my heart and smile.

I know when to go the extra mile.

I know just when to walk away.

I always know just what to say.

EDITED TO ADD (Sunday, February 22, 2009): I was on an airplane earlier today doing grounding meditations at 10,000 feet in the air (I just picked that number at random; I don’t know how high airplanes fly from Arizona to California), and there I started thinking about my parallel universe. I realized that although at first glance when the two are compared side by side they appear to be parallel, in fact, they are not. Actually, the two universes are on a path that will intersect at some point in the fourth dimension.

23 comments on “In My Parallel Universe”

  1. You’re so WAY COOL. I like your parallel universe. Will my show make it to TV there? I’d like to be rich and famous in your parallel universe. I am coming, right?

  2. Dood. This is why I don’t do these things. You write stuff like this, and I’m like, “I can never write something that awesome.” Then I go nurse my inferiority complex while simultaneously admiring mad skillz.

    IOW, awesome.

  3. So simple. Why can’t it be this easy in this universe?

    And I STILL haven’t clicked over to San Diego Momma. She is my final San Diego Blog Bitch that I have yet to seduce.

    I wonder if she’ll be as easy as you and your wife?

  4. jason,

    none of the san diego bitches are as easy as i am.


    my wife,

    i haven’t seen the day where you didn’t know exactly what to say. you’re brilliant.

    your wife.

  5. I just wish I could find a comment even 1/2 as witty as the ones you leave around the blogosphere – your writing, whether prompt tuesday or a comment is always A+. You nailed that legal writing class didn’t you? And the whole moot court thing? Everyone hated you for being so awesome. We were jealous…

  6. Interesting that knowing just what to say and feeding children are both included. They are both so important, aren’t they? I like your parallel universe.

  7. i think there can be parallel segments but in the end, everything connects.
    i like your poem.
    i think commercial airplanes fly higher than that. like 28,000 or 32,000
    feet. but i don’t know.
    10,000 feet is a lot of people.
    and if you could drive your car straight up at highway speed, you would be in space in under an hour.

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