Laura and I were in the bathroom, preparing for bed. She was brushing and flossing. I was applying cream under my eyes.

Laura looked up at me and was clearly thinking about something. Then, in a very sweet, loving, helpful, and well-meaning voice, Laura began this conversation:

Laura: “Mom, is that cream for wrinkles?”

Me: “Yes.”

Laura: “I have a really good idea.”

Me: “What?”

Laura: “Take some of that cream and put it on the two lines that you have between your eyebrows.”


Laura [looks in mirror]: “Watch when I make an angry face.”


Laura: “See how I have two lines between my eyebrows?”


Laura: “You have those lines all of the time.”


Laura: “If you put cream there, it might help.”


For the record: While my post title and photograph suggest that I’m rushing out for an injection, I’m not at this point in time. Having said that, because I read posts around the ‘sphere both blasting and praising Botox, I’ll just say this: I think the decision to do any cosmetic procedure is personal. I’m not opposed to Botox, and I don’t see how having a cosmetic procedure conflicts with a personal lifestyle that, for example, incorporates organic foods and Yoga. What I struggle to understand are people who don’t support other people’s personal choices. So, if a Botox injection, a tummy tuck, or same-gender marriage isn’t for you, then don’t have one. My wife, husband, other husband, and I aren’t telling anyone else what to do. Heh.

And . . . Laura’s so NOT getting a pony.

But . . . now I do put spackle on the lines between my eyebrows every night.

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  1. My YOUNGER sister started with the botox right in that spot a year or two ago and I have been in a silent, seething jealous rage ever since. My brow furrow alternates between a light “quotation mark” on a good day and the Panama Canal in mirror image on a bad day.

  2. Hah… a** kid!

    I remember when I was in college, taking a class in Theatre Makeup, and we had to make ourselves up like old people. They suggested we scrunch up our faces and exaggerate our crowsfeet. I said, “I don’t HAVE any crowsfeet!” I squinched up my eyes and the professor shrieked, “Oh yes you do and they’re FABULOUS!”

  3. What you do to your own face/body is your own business. Pierce, tattoo, or inject (Botox, that is) away.

    I for one am seriously considering breast reduction surgery — something I’ve been wanting for nearly 20 years.

  4. Ah yes, the “angry” lines… Mine were pointed out as well. And I was only thinking! If you want botox, go for it! If not, meh! You’re gorgeous either way!

  5. I popped over asap to see why Laura didn’t get a pony. I was disappointed there wasn’t any discussion about the pony proper but the reading about Botox has made up for it!

  6. Hmmm? I’m thinking that the entire photo you’ve posted is of two very HAWT women having a wonderful day and not thinking one iota about wrinkles and spackle. Just sayin’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, and that was a LOVELY day!

    And Laura, well, she still TOTALLY ROCKS — pony or no pony! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. You have left me wondering if I should or shouldn’t color my hair (cover my gray). Sometimes it’s tough to make those personal choices. But I agree, you’ll be hawt whichever direction you choose to go.

  8. To Jen on the Edge – I was very glad to have a breast reduction – no more back ache!!!

    And the frown lines I have are just right where yours are – sigh!

    And I know I am too lazy to spackle!

  9. Here’s to collagen and whatever method one chooses to GET SOME BACK!
    (I’m sticking with lotions…)

    Get Laura the pony – she was just trying to be helpful. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Three kids = eleven tattoos (none of which say “mom”, btw), 2 lip rings, one nose diamond, one “monroe”, one toungue and one nipple (SO wish I didn’t know about that one) piercing.

    One (rhymes with) lube job for mom. I’d say yeah, we’re all about doing what you want and not judging others. It’s called “personal choice” for a reason. It’s PERSONAL

  11. You want to feel better?

    I happen to know that you are in possession of one or five very recent photo(s)of me. Look at the enormous pores and shiny skin, and the wrinkles here, there, and everywhere.

    You’re gorgeous.

  12. When I was at school my teacher once said: Helena never interrupts the class, you just see her “thinking-lines” between her eyebrows. Well, those thinking lines are there permanently now!

  13. I once dated a guy with a 5-year-old (I was practically five myself) and the kid examined my face one day and said “Why do you have pimples?” I said I didn’t know, and he said “You should put something on those.” I wanted to brain him with whatever I could find on our table at Denny’s.

  14. My daughter laughing at me in Victoria’s secret was the proverbial straw breaking the camel’s back that sent me to the Boob Doctor for my dream surgery. Yes I wanted it ever since the kids were done breast feeding, leaving me pruny and lopsided (the comments made by the 14 YO in the dressing room….) And now? I am glad every single day I did it – did it for ME. and the people who mock me? Oh well. they’re not me.

    so yeah, you’re right. do whatever you want to do for you.

    And my daughter doesn’t even get to ride someone else’s pony….

  15. I’m fortunate to have a few well placed scars which kind of mask all the wrinkles. Play Rugby for a few years and you wont need botox just a plastic surgeon. Or, do you need a plastic surgeon to have Botox? If so then skip Rugby.

  16. I kinda dig Botox. But I haven’t had it in a while. But I might get it before my 25th reunion. Then again, I might not.

    Oldest Boy asked me the other day, “Mom? Do you LIKE your hair frizzy like that?”

    Laura’s a smart helpful child. She can come over to my house and show me my wrinkles any day. I like an honest girlfriend!

  17. One time I saw Theresa Heinz Kerry up close at a campaign rally and she looked GOOD! Had to be botox. My husband actually administers it for migraine sufferers (he’s a neurologist) so when the time comes, I will have botox at my fingertips if I should choose to take advantage of it. We’ll see . . .

  18. Botox kind of scares me, so…I’m thinking that if I go in for one of those “please put my boobs back where they belong” surgeries, then….I will just put “the girls” out there as much as possible and no on will care much about the wrinkles, worry/thinking lines on my face.
    Remember that whole “hello?? my eyes are up here!!” thing we went through in college? screw that!

    And really….if you think little girls are just kind of rude to their moms, might i introduce you to two little boys that may or may not be allowed out of the house…ever again…ever!

  19. You are seriously one of the prettiest women I’ve ever met. I can’t fathom you having botox (or needing it!). But if you want it, why not?

    And Laura’s pony can hang out with the one I never got. They’ll have fun because they’ll live in a castle that’s lovely and tended by a princess who loves them.

  20. I totally love your blank dialogue.

    My dear students often remark that I look “angry” or, more kindly, “concerned.” But I can do the single eyebrow raise so I get cool points for that.

    I agree with the no pony decision; she’s lucky you’re not sending her to boarding school. (Are you?)

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