Rolling Stone
Wanna see my picture on the cover
Rolling Stone
Wanna buy five copies for my mother
Rolling Stone
Wanna see my smilin’ face
On the cover of the Rolling Stone

~Dr. Hook’s On the Cover of Rolling Stone

Whether Adam Lambert is gay apparently continued to be a hot topic for media speculation right up to Adam’s Rolling Stone cover and announcement that he is, in fact, gay. What will they speculate about now? Whether Kris Allen is married? Heh.

Now that the “Is Adam or isn’t Adam?” guessing can finally come to an end, maybe just maybe everyone will focus on a label that matters – the one on his upcoming multi-platinum-selling album. 🙂

What Adam is still keeping secret, of course, is our marriage and the birth of our twins. For the privacy and safety of our children. We want them to have a normal childhood. Safe from media speculation and stuff. You know.

To celebrate our coming out in Rolling Stone and everything, Laura and I gave each other American Idol tribute manicures. My Adam Lambert blue-black tribute color is called “Midnight Affair,” which is hot. Laura’s Allison Iraheta brown tribute color is called “Hot Chocolate,” which is saucy.

So, now that Adam is out of the closet officially and all of that, you’ve probably also heard that I have a husband-in-law named Drake. He is hot. I wonder when everyone will start speculating as to whether Drake is gay. Meanwhile, I’m hoping to get into their closet . . . to share clothes, starting with Drake’s Gucci belt.

(Rolling Stone cover and photo of Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry courtesy of Google Images.)

34 comments on “I’m Hoping To Get INTO The Closet”

  1. Laura could totally be a hand model. She has those ultra-feminine hands with the pretty puffy padding over the knuckles. I have man-hands so I notice these things.

    I did not know about Drake. He’s gorgeous! Because you’re all about the blended family, I know how excited you must be. Can I come for Thanksgiving dinner? Please?

  2. i love your fun hot and saucy nails. and that you did it together.
    and being on the cover of rolling stone is awesome. it’ll be something to show the kids someday.

  3. Love the nail polish!

    And they are both HAWT!

    I can’t wait to see how beautiful the twins are! (I’m offering my babysitting services!)

  4. Well it’s so good that Adam has you. Because in addition to you being his wife, you can be his lawyer when Sir Drake tries to go off with trillions…

  5. in that last unposed picture of that lambeau fella, he looks like a babe in the woods. i fear you may be too experienced for both of them and you’d lose interest when they never got your jokes… it happens when us older people (not you, of course) get involved with youngsters

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