It’s my party and I’m giving away pot! Heh. (Not that kind of pot. Go away Feds.)

Someone once said that it is more blessed to give than to receive. So, to celebrate my and my oldest daughter’s birthdays this week, I’m giving away some totally awesome stuff.

You know how Oprah has “The O List”? With The O List, Oprah introduces us regular folks to some of her so-called favorite things? Things us regular folks can take out new sub-prime mortgages on our houses to buy? You know you could really use stuff like this:

Reacquaint yourself with yourself
with this $110 magnifying mirror.
$54 natural wax candles with such a fresh fragrance
you can be sure to have on hand that
instant breath of summer on chilly October nights.
It would not be a life well-lived
if one were deprived of proper rain attire.

Okay . . . yeah. So I came up with a list of my favorite things. My list of favorite things are things that real people really want. And what would be a the top of anyone’s list? Free pot. Am I right?

The Blog This Mom! List of Favorite Things:

1. Gary Rith Pottery. Hop on over to Gary’s Pottery Blog and check out some of his wonderful creations. Look at the smiles he puts on the faces of his favorite customers! There is a link on Gary’s blog to his Etsy shop, and you can also email him to ask about special creations.

Birthday Giveaway #1
is this darling piggy bank by Gary Rith Pottery:

2. chelsdesigns Jewelry. Hope on over to Sojourner’s blog where you’ll find a link to her amazing Etsy shop. As this wonderful soul seeks knowledge of the universe and its inhabitants, she heals the sick and designs jewelry. I am the proud owner of some of her finest creations. Here is a photo of Kristen wearing a cheldesigns bracelet.

Birthday Giveaway #2
is this fabulous pair of earrings by cheldesigns:

3. The Mommy Blogger Shop. My buddy Trish is a fabulous graphic designer (she does all manner of designs including blogs and websites, y’all) and has a couple of cool blogging CafePress shops here and here.

Birthday Giveaway #3
is this kid-sized “My Mom is Blogging This” baseball jersey
(you choose the size and available color).


Leave a Happy Birthday comment on this post. I’ll be 48 this year (please don’t tell anyone), so let’s see if we get at least 48 comments/entries! In the comment section, please list in order which giveaway items you’d like to win (if you have a preference). (One comment per person will be counted.)

On Saturday, October 11, the staff dilettante at Blog This Mom! will put all the commenter’s names into a hat and select THREE winners! I will post their names and links to their blogs (if they have one). Winner number one will receive his or her first choice of item listed in the comment. Winner number two will receive his or her next available choice. And so forth.

Good luck!

86 comments on “I’m Giving Away Free Pot for My Birthday”

  1. so, you’re finally going to be 38. awesome. happy birthday bitch.

    i would like to put my name in the hat for the $200 rain shoes. but in purple. and with heels. and could they be by calvin klein. and suede. and pointed toe instead of round toe? with some kind of alligator detailing? super. thanks.

  2. Happy birthday! I hope there is something exciting planned for your evening.

    Increase other’s odds of free stuff by not including me in the hat. After moving, I’m still trying to figure out where to put all my things, as it’s currently taking up valuable real estate on my desk.

  3. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.

    You’re going to make Gary rich, all this advertising is making me itch, but since his pottery is so fine, and his humor so divine, there’s not another potter who deserves this kind of fodder.

  4. I would have said Happy Birthday anyway–with swag it’s gotta be a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and maybe even a card at BitchHarvest 08.

    Can I just say? One of Gary’s creations? Pick me, pick me, pick me! The earrings are pretty sweet too. Since I already won one of Trish’s shirts from Trish, I’ll let someone else take that one.

    Oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. Happy Birthday — you have just turned into someone older than me : )

    I love the piggy bank. I’ve browsed Gary’s stuff (thanks to your links) and I just love all of his piggies. Piggies are an inside joke between my husb and me, so I’ll all about piggies.

  6. Hip-Hop Happy Birthday!!! I’ve seen you at Gary’s place but hadn’t made my way over here yet! Give aways! Drawings! Prizes! Birthdays!

    I just did a drawing last Friday! So fun!

    My Prize Wish List in Order:
    The piggie! The T-shirt! The earings!


    Maybe you’ll not only get 48 comments? But, 50!!!!


  7. Yeah, but what’s IN the pig, Cheri? (Someone else probably already made a similar comment, but I only have time to say HAPPY DAMN BIRTHDAY, WEEK-TWIN and not to read any of them.)

  8. I seriously need that pig. So I can put it in my kids’ room to gather all their loose change and then I can riffle through it when I’m out of diet Dr. Pepper money.


    Happy, happy birthday Cherie! May the year to come be even better than the one just over.

    48? Seriously? Don’t believe it for a moment.

  9. HEY, didja see that? Some of my friends are coming over here! Including farmer’s wife and Douglas Fitch, a potter in ENGLAND!!! If I have to ship to England, I will, ahem, be spending a lot on shipping.
    I’M gonna make a button on the sidebar at my blog and send people to you all week to tell you how much they love your blog. And win free stuff.

  10. Haha, Happy, HAPPY, Birthday. I’m 30 in two weeks, I won’t tell if you don’t! I’m giving away free pics…must be the year for it. Have a good one πŸ™‚

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Great names deserve great days!

    I don’t have any order of preference because they all look great! πŸ™‚ Just make sure to pick me ‘kay?!

  12. Awwww, Cheri, you’re such an amazingly kind person! I hope you have the best birthday ever! No need to include me in the drawing, I just wanted to let you know you’re appreciated πŸ™‚

  13. I would feel bad winning anything from you because you are just so DEAR. Apparently, I am only okay winning things from people who are NOT dear??? That doesn’t even make any sense.

    Anyway, just know that I wish you a very happy 48th and I won’t tell ANYONE!


  14. Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday, Dear Cheri and Your Oldest Daughter, Happy Birthday To You(s).

    Enjoy the 8th anniversary of your 40th birthday. I had such a great 40th birthday that that is how I count them now, anniversaries of my 40th : )

  15. Happy Birthday to Cheri! (and her older daughters, too!!)
    You make 48 rock! *with or without the pot* *grin*

    You know I’m already a huge fan of Gary & his pottery. Now I’m off to check out these other wonderful people you’ve recommended. I don’t know if my kids would wear the shirt, but I am drooling over those earrings…

  16. There is no way you could be 48, but I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful birthday.

    And I’d like the shirt. I’ll cross out “mom” with a Sharpie and put “dad.”

  17. What? No pot? Oh man….darn it.
    Oh well….Happy Birthday anyway!! and really? 48?!?! Damn, girl…please post about your beauty secrets and hints someday….SOON!!! πŸ˜€
    I hope you have an incredibly wonderful birthday….if I lived closer I’d make you a really cool Healy shoe cake…oh yes I would!
    And….ssshhh….did you hear that? Those earrings are calling my name!!! “Deeeeeebbbbbbiiiiieeee!”

  18. You’re getting close to 48 comments! and happy 48th, I mean, 30th! birthday to you this year πŸ™‚ How generous of you to have a giveaway! I have no order of preference if I win πŸ™‚

  19. I suck for being LATE. But thankfully, I am number 48!!!

    Ding, ding, ding!

    Well, folks. What has she won?

    A friendship with the queeniest queen, the smartiest smart-girl, the downest down-to-earther, the hawtest hot mama, and the bitchiest Bitch. I love you Cheri. Really, I do. Happy birthday.

  20. First and foremost: happy birthday to both of you! Hope you have a great day and many happy and healthy days ahead!

    As for the give-away, I’m not choosy! They all look fabulous! So much fun! Thanks!

  21. Happy birthday!

    While that was, of course, important, what I really wanted to comment on was the fact that it’s SO SAD that $54 is truly a half tank of gas any more. Remember when it was 99c a gallon? Yeah, me neither. Certainly I’m not THAT old. Ahem.

  22. WOW! I swear I left a comment here, last week. I dunno what happened to it, but here’s another one. Thanks so much for including me as one of your favs. Happy, happy birthday!! My gal’s birthday is this week too!

  23. Happy Birthday to you and your GORGEOUS oldest daughter!

    I need NO reward to say, hope the day is wonderful and the year ahead is full of health and happiness for you both!


  24. I followed Gary over here. Happy Birthday!!! What a cool idea. I want to do a prize giveaway and pimp artsy bloggers to. You must be collecting all sorts of good karma points.
    Hope you and your daughter have a wonderful week.

  25. Happy Birthday to you:-) Mine is on Oct. 13th so we’re almost twins! lol Please add my name to your draw, I would love to win that darling piggy bank. xo


    For your birthday, you are doing a giveaway. Aren’t you sweet.

    I love the earrings!! Then I would pick the shirt next. The pottery is nice too. I only put it as my third option because my MIL is a potter and I have A TON.

  27. Oh please, I want to win the $54 candle because my Dollar Store candles? They are so gauche.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I didn’t even tell anyone how old you are. Not even myself. How’s that for secretive?

    shirt, baubles, bank

  28. Happy Birthday. You should celebrate like a friend of mine does, she has a Happy BirthWEEK, not just a day. Her celebration each year lasts at least a week, sometimes two.

    The shirt just cracked me up. LOVE it! The piggie runs a close second. (For the record a mirror is scary enough, but one that magnifies 110 times, YIKES!)

  29. Happy Birthday! Did you know that all cake eaten on this day by you is calorie free? It’s true!

    Ok, it’s not.

    But we can pretend!

    I love the earrings, followed by the bank, then the shirt.

  30. Happy Birthday to you, fellow Libran! You look marvelous (and I’m not just saying that to suck up to you in the hopes of finally winning something on teh internetz).

    Hope you have a great birthday and get a few moments of tranquility πŸ™‚

  31. Happy Birthday
    at Forty-Eight
    One helluva blogger
    we all think you’re great

    So we’re here to celebrate
    as another year passes
    So we all eat your cake
    And expand all our asses

    Your posts are so brilliant
    full of pun and wit
    and you try to steer clear
    of that irritating shit

    So we raise a toast
    as we lift up a glass
    Can you send me the pot?
    or should I kiss some more ass?

    J/ (

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