This week San Diego Momma’s PROMPTuesday #23: TV Pilot asks participants to write a TV pilot bit, in screenplay format. So here’s the part about how I’m a cheater. I wrote a very short, single episode, brief scene, small dialogue exchange (read: pilot-like) screenplay back in the days when Blog This Mom! had two readers and one of them was me. So I’m posting a link to my heretofore undiscovered screenplay. Deb says the title has to be either “The (Your Name Here) Chronicles” or “Crazy like (Your Name Here).” I have been hearing a lot about this Your Name Here fellow. Seems he’s all over blank forms these days, and he gets around the Internet as well. I’m not sure we should be giving this Your Name Here dude the title role in our TV pilots, but this is what Deb is asking of us. So, much like David Duchovny’s character had to endure in TV Set, my “Script for a Sunday Evening” has been renamed “Crazy Like Your Name Here.” Did I mention it was short? Really, the “Crazy Like Your Name Here” (previously titled “Script for a Sunday Evening”) screenplay is just the ten-second preview soundbite for the commercial for the TV Pilot. I know. Cheater.

Now for the part about how I’m dilettante. In all the free time that I had this morning while I was not writing a script, I got that Men at Work song, Land Down Under, totally and relentlessly stuck in my head. So I put hyperlinks to Land Down Under into this post because you know the rules: If I can get that song stuck in your head, it will leave mine. While Land Down Under was firing to and fro though the synapses of my brain, I got to wondering what exactly IS in Vegemite. So I Googled “Vegemite.”

GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT? Ian is a streaker. Yeah-huh he is. Click here to see for yourself.

25 comments on “I’m a Cheater and a Dilettante and Ian is a Streaker”

  1. Sadly, Vegemite is a yeast extract and not at all gluten free. There, there. There, there, don’t cry. Personally, I am a streaker, so every time that ad plays on TV here, I retch a little when I see that guy at the end with the soft serve style Vegemite dispenser. Oh and I like both Vegemite AND peanut butter, but not together. I’m an enigma!

  2. Okay, lots of thoughts here:

    First of all, Vegemite is gross, but my husband loves it, because it’s The Law. 🙂 And he says that they call it “peanut paste” in Australia, which even sounds bad, and that no one likes it (except Mary, I can see. :))

    Trivia: “Land Down Under” has words I didn’t realize were actually words (I thought they were “Mondogreens”) until I met David, like “chunder” and “combi.”

    More Trivia: Until recently, there was an import BAN on the V-stuff into the U.S. and David had to go Vegi-free for a couple of years. Hard, hard days, like when Pa Ingalls lost the salt back pork in the snow.

  3. Frankly, although the ad is funny? I would have a hard time wasting good bread by putting this black, ugh-looking-stuff on it. BTW, gulp, if your daughter reads my blog, I need to be a little extra careful with my posts: such as maybe no more Finnish Death Metal music videos, or my little <3 notes to Susan Sarandon….but I don’t think I’ll stop with the beer reviews. She knows I’m over 21, and her dad likes beer, right?

  4. Yup- don’t even have to listen to the song- it’s already stuck in my head, thanks! Always wondered what Vegemite was, too. I need to go find the lyrics that song, because many of them have been a mystery to me for lo these past 25 years or so?

    Love ya, Cheri!

  5. I forgive you for getting that song stuck in my head. I love Colin Hay (Hey?) I clicked over to the Vegemite website. I word – barf. In particular “The Wormer” and “The Dunker”. It looks like tar.

  6. Saw you over at On the Flip Side. I love that site.

    I love that Land Down Under song, but not so sure about the Vegemite. Each country has its own thing, right. For us, peanut butter. For them, Vegemite. To each their own, right?

    Glad I dropped by. Fun blog.

  7. Good try. I’m not falling for the “Men at Work” getting stuck in my head. I’m still stuck on “Oh where, oh where have the drywallers gone” instead.

    However, your comment about “groovy” always brings the response of “far out”.

    Love the ’70s!

    (PS: I can’t choke down Vegemite or Marmite and I tried regularly as I lived in the UK for a bit. I am definitely a peanut butter fan).

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