If you give a juggler a pancake, he’ll want two more to go with it. You’ll give him two more pancakes. He’ll probably start to juggle them, so he’ll want an audience. He’ll ask you to take some pictures. When you start taking pictures, he’ll ask you to make it a video. When you make it a video, he’ll probably ask you to show it to him right away. You’ll have to download it onto your computer. The downloaded video will remind him of YouTube. He will wish his video was there. He might suggest you upload it. He’ll look all happy about the idea. He’ll stand near the computer looking hopeful. When he’s standing by the computer, he’ll think about checking his emails. He’ll go check them. He’ll probably have to answer some of them. When he’s all done, he’ll come back and ask if you’ve uploaded the juggling video. When you tell him that you did, he’ll ask to see it. Once he has seen it, he’ll probably want you to post it on your blog. So you’ll have to think of a clever way to include it. When you’ve finished writing a clever post (clever being a subjective term), he’ll be happy. He won’t be happy about how clever the post is, but about his video being the subject matter of it. Then he’ll want to know if you sent the link to his friends and family. You’ll tell him that you did. Then he’ll want to watch the video again. And chances are, while he’s sitting at the computer watching himself juggle pancakes on YouTube, he’ll be juggling the three balls that he keeps at his desk for just that purpose.

This post was inspired by the series of books written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond.

6 comments on “If You Give a Juggler a Pancake”

  1. Great Blog as it always is. Good thing there was no syrup on those cakes as I am very familiar with the juggler who drops similar but less soft items that he juggles on my head or desk or etc etc……:-,)

    Very impressed with the over under move though… can we get him to wear a hat next time???

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