How We Spent Our Last Week of Summer
by Blog This Mom!
Every time we go to Maui, we take a boat ride
to Molokini to snorkel. Every time we take that
boat ride, I get seasick. This time I decided not
to go on a boat ride to Molokini.
So what did I do instead?
I took a catamaran trip (rougher ride)
to the island of Lanai (farther away).
Here is a picture of me and
Hawt Sailor Dude on our
romantic catamaran trip to Lanai.

For dinner each night, Laura dressed in native attire.

Laura completed a series of tasks and workshops
to become a Citizen Scientist at Haleakala National Park.
This was not her parents’ idea. This is how Laura rolls.

We feasted on local delicacies.

We strolled through the jungle and
found some vines on which to swing.

This lovely beachfront property
(and, yes, it really is beachfront)
is near Kapalua.

Laura and Tom enjoyed snorkeling.

They ran into an old friend while
snorkeling at Napili Beach.

We visited the Nakalele Blowhole.
This is the last photo taken before
the blowhole mercilessly destroyed my camera.

After we sacrificed our camera to the evil Nakalele Blowhole,
we hiked to the Olivine Pools. Although there were some dudes
jumping from high rocks into the pools, Laura and I
were the only chicks who did it. Because my camera
was previously destroyed by the evil Nakalele Blowhole,
I kindly created a photo reenactment which
depicts exactly what we looked like as we jumped
into the natural tidal pools on Maui.

This lovely Maui sunset
photograph was taken by Laura.
More photos from our Maui trip are here.
I will leave you with this 45-second video clip:

“Bird Watching on Maui — or is it?”

The End

36 comments on “I Was Hawt Sailor Dude Eye Candy on Maui”

  1. Oh Cheri…you’re a nutter!! 😀
    And really…looks like you (or the Hawt Sailer Dude!) were waiting for a “Titanic” moment…just waiting for the right moment…damn…person with camera probably messed up his groove!!

    And wow but does Laura look like her father or what?!?! Niiiiice family!!

  2. Separate is always a good plan. Also, if you’re alone in the house and you hear something really scary don’t call someone–investigate on your own. This applies doubly if there’s been a string of murders in your neighborhood.

  3. Hope you said “hi” to Crush for me! That looks like a great time was had by all. I wish I could have gone too 😉 (too bad about the camera sacrifice, at least it didn’t ruin your memory card)

  4. Looks like so much fun, and great pics (sorry about the blowhole).

    Also, the hawt sailor was obviously employing the classic “checking you out in the mirror in front of him” trick.

    Wily, that one.

  5. Oh, very jealous of that trip, and your hawt companions! So, was Lanai awesome? We honeymooned in Kauai and thought about heading over there, but didn’t get to it. Should we plan for next time?

    Also…you go to Maui each year, right? Does that mean you’ve sampled all the other islands and chosen a favorite? Looking for some reviews, here. 😉

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