NaBloPoMo Day Four:

I Want a Cotton Pickin’ Gay Parade

In yesterday’s post I asked if anyone overheard or said anything funny or ironic before the election. Here you have it, straight from the comment section:


From Katy (who was at a street corner holding a “NO on Prop 8” sign):

Joey: “Doesn’t my sign look great? I used puffy paint.”

Matt: “I didn’t use puffy paint on mine. I wanted to use glitter, but he wouldn’t let me.”


From San Diego Momma:

My 60-year-old dad, who remarried a 65-year-old woman ten years ago, said, “People should only get married if they can procreate.”


From Helen E.M. Wright:

Yesterday, someone said to my husband, “Yeah, Palin’s hot! That’s why I’m voting for her. Plus if the ‘other guy’ gets in he’ll have us real Americans pickin’ cotton.”


From yesterday’s Blog This Mom! post:

Woman holding a “Yes on 8” sign: “I really hope that if we lose those gays and lesbians don’t rub it in our faces by celebrating in the streets with one of those parades.”

So . . .
if my vote is counted, all I can say is that I’m hoping for a cotton pickin’ gay parade.

16 comments on “I Want a Cotton Pickin’ Gay Parade”

  1. Katy’s comment made me laugh out loud, and San Diego Momma’s reminded me of something my grandfather would say.

    Hysterical. You can’t make this stuff up! I hope you get your cotton pickin’ gay parade! (Doesn’t that guy know that cotton grows on sheep? Duh.)

  2. Man, we need more peace, love and tolerance. Gays and Lesbians need the same right to be married and picking up each other’s socks off the bathroom floor like the rest of us.

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