Laura had to have two baby teeth pulled this morning. The details are neither relevant to this post nor interesting, so will not be forthcoming. But after the giant wads of gauze in her mouth were no longer needed, Laura said, “The only thing that would turn this into a better day is if Henry could sleep over.” So I called Henry’s mum, Trish, and voila! Henry is here. (By the way, just to connect the dots, Henry is Jamie’s brother.)

The sleepover started around 3 PM with homemade slushies. I made the slushies with the new shaved ice maker that I got today at Target. After two solid hours of Wii Dance Dance Revolution, Henry and Laura decided to play the new Wii American Idol game that I also bought today at Target. (Insider’s trading tip: Buy stock today in TGT – Target Corporation.) Why such purchases? It is summer! Every day is a play day! I was feeling frivolous! I was feeling fun! I was feeling frolicsome! Perhaps a bit of nitrous oxide leaked from Laura’s mask! Anyway, working as a team, Laura and Henry opened the package and hooked up Laura’s new Wii American Idol game.

Laura: “Oh, look, it only has one microphone.”

Henry: “What about the High School Musical microphone?”

L: “Hey, you’ve got a point there.”

H: “If it doesn’t work we’ll share the American Idol microphone.”

L: “It might work. Let’s give it a try.”

H: “Can I use those scissors?”

L [opening the microphone package]: “I’m kind of busy with them just now.”

H: “Don’t cut the green wire.”

L: “I won’t”

H: “If you cut it, it’ll explode. Usually.”

L: “I didn’t cut it.”

H: “If it exploded, you’d blow up. Your face would be disfigured. Horribly disfigured. For life.”

L: “Well, then, I’d have surgery.”

H: “Yes. You’d have to have surgery. Or you’d be doomed. For life.”

See why I totally heart Henry and Trish?

Laura and Henry with slushies sweetened with unfiltered, organic apple juice.

Now available in my freezer, slushies sweetened with unfiltered, organic apple juice. Maybe I should have bought the chemically sweetened blue and red syrup.

See how I totally blow at photography? But I didn’t cut the green wire.

35 comments on “I Totally Heart Henry”

  1. I used to love overhearing the conversations of my kids and their friends. (And with all boys, there was a lot of talk of explosions, etc.)
    You’re such a good Mom! Wii games and slushies…

  2. Aahh…that was a great day..even if there weren’t any explosions of any kind!!
    Man! I really miss being a kid somedays!!!
    Of course, now…MY slushy would have tequila and lime juice in it!!

  3. Sounds like a regular bomb squad over there. Also, is that a package of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches I see in your fridge? I love me some Skinny Cow.

  4. And how interesting that you have Cuties too! I hope she heals quickly, my dear.

    But what I forgot to say earlier is this:

    That Matron? She is blushing, all those kind words! Thank you!

  5. Just what the doctor ordered!

    We have had dental surgery with No 2 recently….it wasn’t pretty….hope the gums recover quickly.

  6. Yeap, I can still remember my first nitrous experience at the dentist at about age 9… it was a blue and white mask, with little air exit holes on the sides near my nose… I started looking at them, and they starting spinning like concentric circles… my dentist was funny enough looking without nitrous, but with it, he was hilarious looking… long face, red hair and beard, and glasses…



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