For a long while I didn’t have an email address linked to my blog. I had no particular reason to have or not have it linked, I just didn’t. But a particular blogger friend, who shall remain nameless, kept emailing me to say that she’d like to engage in discussion about my witty comments (what?) on her blog, but without the email link she had to keep going to her email program to write back. Or something like that. Anyway, I finally did it. And now when I leave a comment on someone’s blog, sometimes I get nice emails in return, and that’s cool. So, overall, it’s fine.

I got a lot less junk mail when there was no email link, that’s for sure.

I think most bloggers get almost daily offers to do product or book reviews, accept a morsel of pocket change to put an ad on a sidebar, and similar. I don’t do that stuff here, denying myself a lucrative career, I’m sure.

In that regard, I think it is important to note here that when someone in marketing takes the time to at least pretend they read your blog by mentioning something that hooks you in the first line of the email, well, at least it’s entertaining. My favorite email started with, “I’ve been enjoying your website and reading about the wonder that is Adam Lambert!” You know how teenage girls do that annoying thing where they try to work the name of their crush into every conversation one way or another? You may or may not have noticed that I do that a little bit (what?), so I found that email downright endearing. I still didn’t endorse or review whatever the product was, but I gave the sender bonus points in my head.

Anywho. On the other side of the spectrum from a personalized message (from someone who was able to glance at my sidebar and see the Adam Lambert Homage), there are the more plentiful canned emails. Or, maybe I can just stop worrying right now about whether I’ve shared too much personal information on my blog. Because last week I got this email:

Dear Blog This Mom:

As a Canadian blogger, you have been identified as a participant in a short survey to gain a better understanding of the Canadian blogging environment, as well as to gain your perspective on some of the products you may have purchased recently. Your opinion is important to us and you will be eligible to receive free products and coupons upon completion of the survey.

The survey should take only 5-7 minutes to complete. All of your answers will be kept confidential and personal data will only be used to allow for delivery of free products and coupons.

To begin the survey, please click the following URL: [Redacted because, yeah, redacted, heh.]

Thank you in advance for your participation!

I guess this means that I should start watching hockey.

24 comments on “I Think It’s Okay to Share a Blogging-Related Email When the Message Really Speaks to the Recipient, Right?”

  1. If I threw a rock I could hit Canada. (Almost) They are COOL. They are all about the beers and the humor. I was wondering for a second there if I was going to be the nameless blogger and I was gonna go OOOH OOH! Its me! Not this time….

  2. I can see Canada from my house.

    Oh, wait. No, I can’t.

    Still… you should watch hockey, it’s entertaining and I heard they were going to invite Adam Lambert to sing the National Anthem at the next ‘hawks game. (No, I didn’t.)

  3. I had something redacted one time, but I don’t like to talk about it. I was young and needed the money 😉

    Canada: America’s Hat


  4. I’d rather be mistaken for a Canadian than be offered links to Viagra… and I don’t think it has anything to do with Kcinnova being pronounced Casanova.

  5. I think you were confused as being Canadian because you are such a lefty! I’m shocked that you haven’t posted in support of health care reform yet. I’ve been waiting for the post, waiting for the post.

    Now that you are outta the closet, could you please post on health care reform?

    PS: I can’t stand hockey & have never watched even 1/4 of a game.

  6. I have a BFF in Calgary. I’ve been to visit a couple of times and yes, Beth, they do say aboot. They also put ‘eh? at the back of everything! When I come home to Texas, I’m a mess, y’all, eh?

  7. Oh, to me this seems like a very good sign. Because I love me some Canadians. Why? I just do. It’s like loving sunshine or rainbows–I don’t really need a reason. 🙂

  8. i have a good filter on my email. i’m pretty sure that sometimes emails that i *want* to get are lost, but i figure if its important, i’ll get it eventually.
    i am always googling unusual, strange things. usually it is “research” for my blog posts. and i know that somewhere “out there”, on google’s servers, is a profile that keeps tracks of my interests. and of course, they sell that information to “affiliated parties” (which, i suspect means anybody that pays them) for the purpose of “targeted” marketing.
    but instead of offers for shrunken heads, italian food and books on wicca, why do i get email spam for viagra and soma? i don’t get it.
    i bet they aren’t interested in *me* after all.
    maybe the spam companies filter *me* out instead?

  9. i think i’m ‘figuring it out’ more than i’m worried. but worry is always at the back of my mind like a shadow that moves when i do.
    just today i found a creative arts school (cofa) in sydney, australia that advertises “hands on” instruction that’s not *too* spendy but can i afford it? i’m thinking about it. not too seriously yet.
    every day i try a different idea. the ones that make the most sense i keep in a pile by the bed.
    i’m calling it my cheese pile. lol

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