Laura (who just turned nine) and I were sitting in the car with about twenty minutes to spare before her piano lesson. She had her homework out, but kept stopping to talk or play around.

Me: “Laura, stop fooling around and do your homework. I’m starting to get annoyed.”

Laura: “I will have my letter of resignation on your desk in the morning.”

One more day!
You have until tomorrow, January 31 at 11:59 PM to leave Laura a
Happy Birthday comment, and enter her Lucky Ducky Birthday giveway.
Laura has loved reading every comment. Thank you!

27 comments on “I Think I’m in Deep Doo Doo”

  1. yeah…i can’t imagine where on earth a comment like THAT would have come from!!
    Deep…deep…doo doo…and yet…so…so much fun this will be to observe!!

  2. I’m late, but happy birthday to Laura anyway. As you describe her, she is an amazing young woman with amazing spunk.

    Laura, my mother used to tell me that my imagination would either land me in jail or earn me a million dollars. I don’t wish jail on you, and money rarely brings happiness, but I do wish you all the real wealth in the world.

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