I took this photograph outside of my house yesterday.

I’m pretty sure a spider bit my toe while I was taking this photograph.

Now the bottom of my toe hurts.

Yes, that toe.

In other news, my hair still looks fabulous.

(Dear PETA: The hummingbird got its shit together and flew away unharmed a few moments later.)

34 comments on “Hummingbird Fail”

  1. I had a toe experience on Saturday. I recommend soaking your toe in a margarita.
    What was that spider doing in CA anyway? I thought they were all in Texas!

  2. Maybe a sign from above that it is time to amputate the toe? Ouch. Spider bites are horrific. Hummingbirds are lovely. We actually have 2 babies in a nest above my back door.

  3. OMG That EXACT SAME BIRD landed on my screen and was pecking on the window! Then!!! He moved onto the chimney and sounded like a jackhammer there for a bit!. I think I must have scared him your way… I yelled…

  4. Dear BlogThisMom,

    We would very much like to discuss with you ways to make your window screens more “hummingbird friendly”, and would ask you to consider passing this information along to other suburban homeowners through our nationally recognized “Happy Hummers” program.

    Additionally, we are quite concerned that the spider in question may have contracted Smurf Toe after the encounter with your pedal appendage, and would ask your cooperation in capturing the spider, unharmed, and assessing its condition prior to releasing it back into the wild.

    Best regards,

    Summer Grassington
    Regional Supervisor

  5. That sure it an awesome photo – almost worth the toe bite, as long as it wasn’t a poisonous spider.
    I took a similar picture recently, on our screen door, but it was of a spider, specifically a tarantula. Yes, there are spiders in CA.
    PS Congrats on your fab hair. It took me years and lots of dough to finally get it where I like it!

  6. that’s a wonderful “capture” of a hummingbird. they are so fast, they are really hard to photograph.
    your poor toe. of course, it was that toe. don’t you have any others?

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  8. omg, I nearly peed my pants at Kate’s comment. She’s hilarious. I see why you married her.

    And, your hair DOES LOOK good. Really GOOD!

    Sorry about the toe and it’s many woes.

  9. Despite the disturbing nature of what is to follow, I want to tell you about the ultimate hummingbird fail witnessed by the entire San Diego Momma family last month, because I like things of a disturbing nature:

    We were at the Wild Animal Park visiting the lions, separated by a very thin piece of glass. So you can visualize it better, imagine a very thin piece of glass with a lion smushed up against it and Booger on the other side of the very thin piece of glass. Mere inches separated the two.

    Well, as Booger was enjoying being mere inches from lion teeth, a hapless hummingbird flew into the lion’s den and in trying to escape slammed headlong into the very thin piece of glass, knocking itself out temporarily, and falling between the lion’s paws.

    Well. That was that. As the hummingbird regained consciousness, it was being batted around by the lion, chewed a bit, than swallowed whole.

    All as Booger watched intently from behind the mere inches of very thin glass.

    I am sorry to say to PETA that a hummingbird was absolutely harmed in the incident.

    Also, I’m real sick of you bragging about your hair all the time.

  10. Cool picture…miss seeing hummingbirds, even stupid ones!

    I have to go to the temple tomorrow…will ask the priest about a ‘good luck charm’ for people with constant lower digit problems…they have charms for everything else, surely they have one for that. i’ll let you know.

    and really? that wife of yours? she really is a keeper, isn’t she?
    where DOES she find the time!?

  11. Amazing that you were able to get close enough to take a photo. We’ve got hummingbirds at out lake house, and the zip away the minute they sense humans. Was there red in the window, by the way?

  12. I totally missed the hawt toe doctor thing. Actually, it sounds rather tawdry. Is it? Cuz I’ll totally scour anybody’s blog post for tawdry.

    Um, cute hummingbird. He is probably snatching a spider through your screens.

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