Although in San Diego the recent change in seasons was not marked by colorful, falling leaves and the start of brisk weather, the first day of autumn passed by nonetheless and took with it those lazy days of summer. The big girls are thriving back in college. And Laura is just where she ought to be, happy in first grade, engaged in activities, spending time with friends, and loving life. I am truly grateful that my children are all healthy and content. Still, I cannot help but look through the photos (click to enlarge) that I took over the summer and wax nostalgic for those days when schedules went mostly by the wayside in favor of carefree hours spent with family and friends.

There was time for sisters to hang out.

There was time for walking with grandparents.

There was time for hanging out with friends.

There was time for movies.

There was time for fish, butterflies, and ants.

There was time to launch rockets.

There was time to go to fun places like
Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, and the zoo.

There was time for glamour.

And there was time to get dirty.

There was time for eating Oreos® at the beach.

There was time for a vacation at Bruin Woods, a place to reunite with “old” friends, and where you can find nine people willing to pose as the Brady Bunch while you play the theme song on the piano in the camp talent show.

And while I know that Laura prefers school days (may she always love school so much), and while I will delight in all that the coming seasons of the year will surely bring, birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and hopefully a little travel, a very big part of me cannot help but look forward to next summer, when life will once again slow down just enough to welcome a little extra time to play with my loved ones.

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