I got my shop on.
Laura on Rodeo Drive
I took the best photo ever of two cousins.
Little cousin watches big cousin eat a cupcake

I returned to the scene of the crime.
Cheri & Tom, on the church steps, 12 years later
We introduced Laura to Al Gelato in L.A.
This was Kristen and Courtney’s favorite place for ice cream.
I think Laura likes it too.
We went ice skating on the beach
–only in California.
Whoops! There goes Laura!
Skating at the Hotel Del Coronado
I saw sunsets and sweethearts.
Courtney & Grant at Coronado Beach
A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Adam & Kristen at Coronado Beach
Laura gave Tom the sweetest gift ever.
Tom opens his gift from Laura.
It was his favorite Polly doll,
packaged and presented to him with love.

I had my picture taken with the prettiest girl in the prettiest dress.
Laura & Mommy on their way to church on Christmas Eve
Thermodynamics experiments were conducted in my kitchen.
Defrosting method tested with superior results
I had a rock-star gingerbread house.
Kudos to the architectural design team of Kristen & Laura
I was surrounded by beautiful people in beautiful places.
Laura, Kristen & Adam in front of the Hotel Del
I got to eat turkey that wasn’t jerky (unlike the turkey that I made on Thanksgiving).
Adam, King of Birds
I didn’t have to wash the dishes on Christmas.
Thank you Courtney!
Adam taught Laura to use a quill and ink.
Thank goodness there was an art major in the house.
I witnessed the aftermath of taking Grant
to the drag queen show at Urban Mo’s.
Is Courtney once again paying the price
for my questionable parenting choices?
Grant sings a High School Musical duet with Laura.
I’m sensing a theme.
Grant, did you discover your love of show tunes
before or after Urban Mo’s?
I can still get my kids to wear mother-daughter outfits.
Courtney, Laura, Cheri & Kristen on Christmas morning
I got this awesome T-shirt.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s — Widescreen Edition

5 comments on “How I Spent my Christmas Vacation”

  1. Gorgeous photos!

    And Cheri, you look about 22 in all of them. YOWZA! I especially love that one of you on the church steps. What a cute couple!

  2. Thanks Aaryn and jamie.

    P.S. Laura’s glasses are “faux.” She has been wearing faux glasses since preschool — she wants them real bad (and probably will until she has to wear them.)

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