I like love to see the world through the handprints of a child.

How do you like your world view?

23 comments on “How Do You Like Your World View?”

  1. Ha!

    I will say, I think my mom taught me at an early age how to clean mirrors and things with windex and paper towels….I think she had something in mind.

  2. My world view a few minutes ago was looking out my back window at a squirrel sitting in a tree eating the inside of my discarded prickly pear. He was chowing down! I’ve never seen that before.

  3. At my grandson’s birthday party, Diego and his little friend asked if they could borrow my camera. They smudged frosting all over the lens and then took pictures of each other’s belly buttons!!! Very strange photographs.

  4. I think a view of the world through the handprint of a child is just fine, as long as it isn’t on the windshield of my car.

    ‘Cause then it’s annoying.

  5. Today my view was 500 miles seen through a bug-splattered front window of a minivan. Still, it’s a beautiful world out there. Also, no children were strung up by their toenails during the weekend vacation. AND, I got to meet Gary!! 🙂

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