Speaking of Facebook shenanigans, there’s a positivity meme going around. I’ve seen variations on the number of days, tags, and list items, but apparently the basic idea is to post a daily list of positive things. I got tagged. I don’t play Candy Crush or Farmville, and I may or may not take quizzes, but I sure like reading everyone’s positivity lists. In fact, I rather like the idea of contributing something positive to the Facebook aether, even if it means Facebook is mining my data some more. At least it won’t be data from my posts about what I spilled on my shirt today or how I forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair and created a new helmet look that would make Darth Vader envious. J.J. Abrams, email me if you wanna see.

Making a daily gratitude list is something I started a few years back when I began following Schmutzie’s Grace in Small Things. Schmutzie is a soulful creator of life-affirming words and images. If you haven’t checked her out before, go do it. But then come back because I like you too, that’s why.

gratitude journalWhen I first started my gratitude journal, finding five things to list each day was sometimes a challenge, and I knew just by looking around me that shouldn’t be the case. Sometimes I forget to write for a day week or so, but I always feel better on the days I write my list. Obviously, a gratitude practice means practice for some of us. So I do.

Here is a random sample from my gratitude journal: watching “The Italian Job” with my daughter, playing Hot Wheels with my grandson, time for binge-writing, chatting with Sylvie, seeing a day moon, a pot of hydrangeas, ginger chicken tacos with Shelly, lavender candles, a beautiful day at the beach, white sheets, Friday, fire-roasted artichokes, playing poker with my daughter, getting a pedicure with my husband, purple toenail polish, sleeping in until 7:30 AM, playing the Castle computer game with my daughter, having coffee with Sheila, date night, eating lunch outside, seeing a woman jog by with pink hair, my kids always winning at Mario Kart when they play with me, and hearing my grandson sing his ABCs.

Do you have a gratitude practice? What is it? Tell me one or more things you’re grateful for today. Let’s get the positivity flowing here too!

11 comments on “Grateful for Hot Wheels, Pink-Haired Joggers, and Binge-Writing. You?”

  1. I love that you found Grace in Small Things! I’ve fallen off the gratitude wagon this week, so thank you for the reminder. I’m off to make my own list now.

  2. Hot wheels with JACK! Awesome 🙂 Oh golly, grateful? Daily? 5 things? An excellent practice. Let’s see, today? 1) grateful for my mellow way of life, making things, playing with dogs, cooking…then getting up the NEXT day and doing it all over again 2) the most GORGEOUS summer upstate NY has ever seen…just plain 78 and sunny every day 🙂 3) where we live, Ithaca, hot damn this place is amazing: Cass park, all the rivers and creeks and 150 waterfalls and lakes and the awesome stores and PEOPLE 4) the wife, the family! Again: the wife, the family!!!!! 5) having felt sick for several years….feel SO good since we got it under control.
    I could just use this list everyday 🙂

    • Aww. Golly. Me too. I’m so glad you are still doing it!

      And there are still so many awesome bloggers still out there. I’m so glad to be finding them again! XOXOXO!

  3. I should definitely be doing this, and I’ll be checking out Schmutzie’s blog 🙂 Today I am grateful for dentists, physical therapists, my family, pain medications, and listening to music while playing with art.

  4. It is such a good practice to be grateful. I know it puts my life in better perspective daily when I do. Enjoyed this post and forgot all about Schmutzie!

  5. This is a great idea. I think I really need to do this in writing too. I’ve been trying to read the Happiness Project (trying, but falling asleep so I guess I should start my list there) so this will tie right in. Off to buy a cute journal.

  6. What a lovely list! I should do this too….it would be nice to go back on the not-so-good days and read.
    Today I’m thankful for time (and health) to get in a nice long workout after work.

  7. I do have a gratitude practice although it admittedly ebbs and flows ;). I feel so so much better when I do it daily- writing down at least 5 things I’m thankful for and praying on them. Tonight I am grateful to be leaving with my family on vacation in just a few short hours!!!!

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