Laura is now in second grade. She has lost seven teeth so far, one for each year of life. With each new tooth that emerges, so too does a new interest in her life. Laura still enjoys playing piano and has added flute to her repertoire. Her weekly ballet class gave way to a weekly break dancing class this year. Laura’s favorite place on Earth continues to be at school; she loves art and science. Not only does Laura love to get her learn on, but she loves school because it has the highest concentration of friends in one place, and Laura LOVES being with friends. Her parents and sisters try not to take it personally.

Courtney is in her senior year in college. She spent the spring semester abroad this year in London. While there she traveled to France, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Holland, and Belgium. The entire family joined her in London for a week, and then Cheri and Courtney spent another five days in Rome. Courtney will graduate next May with a double major in history and political science. She is considering law school, and her lawyer parents are considering an intervention. In addition to working hard to graduate with two majors in four years (evoking eternal gratitude in the parental units), Courtney stays busy as the Administrative Vice President for a pre-law fraternity.

Kristengraduated from college in June with highest honors and the highest GPA in her major. This has caused the parental units to run amok bragging at every opportunity. Kristen also wrote a grant proposal and was awarded money to design and conduct her own research project and write an honors thesis, earning her distinction in her major at graduation. This causes additional bragging by the parental units at every opportunity. Since graduation, Kristen has been gainfully employed and is financially independent. (The woo hoo from Tom at graduation measured a 6.1 on the Richter scale in California.) Kristen plans to attend graduate school and study psychology.

Tom is über-busy as Chief Patent Counsel. Although Tom works long hours, he likes what he does and where he does it. The white board in his office looks like a scene from Good Will Hunting, so further explanation about what he does by day defies explanation in a single paragraph. Tom continues to keep active by working out and running. To de-stress he enjoys watching football and basketball, playing chess, floating in the pool in summer, and cuddling with his wife in front of the fire in winter (Cheri took liberties with that last phrase under the Rule of Blogger’s Prerogative). Tom enjoys being part of a YMCA Adventure Princess tribe with Laura.

continues to dream of becoming a writer when she grows up, and until that day comes, she keeps her fingers limber at the keyboard by blogging now and then. Cheri recently told Tom that she is ever so grateful for how hard he works to provide for their family; nonetheless, she advised him that if he was going to continue to work such long hours, she would either have to find a lover or hire a decorator. Their home has never looked better. When Cheri is not gallivanting around town with Judy (the decorator), she’s busy with another of her favorite activities, spending time at Laura’s school cutting things out of construction paper for Laura’s teacher.

May the joy of the season
live in your hearts
all year long.


Tom, Cheri, Kristen,
Courtney & Laura

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