If your first grader had spent the better part of her early childhood years under the influence of teenage sisters, you too might find yourself jumping to conclusions during otherwise innocent conversations . . .

Laura: “Mommy, did you know that the word ‘ho’ is in the word Holland?”

Mom: [Cringing] “Oh?”

Laura: “It is. Did you know that?”

Mom: [Cringing and hoping she’s thinking of a garden tool] “Oh. Uh, how do you spell ho?”

Laura: “H – O.”

Mom: “The kind of hoe that you use in the garden is spelled H – O – E.”

Laura: “No, not that kind of ho. This kind of ho is spelled H – O.

Mom: [Strenuously cringing] “What does ho spelled H – O mean?”

Laura: “You know. Ho, ho ho. It’s what Santa says.”

Mom: “Oh, yeah, I knew that.”

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