Deb at San Diego Momma is hosting PROMPTuesday #24.

The prompt this week is to write something inspired by: “You are in a corn field, with your dog, when all of a sudden, a plastic . . .”

The rules this week are to write an entry of 250 words or less in 10 minutes.

Here’s my entry:


He was walking in a cornfield, with his dog, when all of a sudden a plastic green army man caught his attention. Nestled partly in the soil, with his green plastic gun pointed toward the sky, the tiny fallen hero lay waiting. Perched on the top of a cornstalk, a large black bird watched as the small boy bent down and began digging a hole with his hands. The boy plucked the plastic army man from his half-grave and dropped him into the hole. He picked up a small handful of loose soil, ready to fill the tiny grave. The black bird waited silently for the eulogy, amused. The dog sniffed around the open grave, and the boy hesitated. He reached one hand into the grave and pulled out the green plastic army man, brushing the dirt from it with his other hand. The boy stood, put the green plastic army man in the left front pocket of his shorts, and continued meandering through the cornfield. The black bird flew to another cornstalk, and perched.

24 comments on “Heroes”

  1. You’ve just gotta stop these Tuesday prompt thingies. They always leave me feeling like it’s time to turn the page, start a new chapter, but wait, the dog ate the other half of the book and I’ll never know what happens next. Yes, I’m a Type A.

  2. I thought this was very powerful, but also quite understated. It really is beautifully constructed. It’s such a simple story and yet it offers startling depth. It also makes for a perfectly complete (very) short story. You did a fantastic job on this.

  3. I loved the theme of this piece.

    Quite lovely the way the boy’s innocence is exposed.

    And interesting that his first instinct was to provide a ‘proper burial’ for the little soldier.

    The amusement of the black bird was pretty cool too. I often wonder what various creatures make of us.

    Well done! 🙂

  4. Nice!

    I like this prompt blogging idea.. it’s much more creative than general narrative blogging, I think, in terms of the way people write their entries.

  5. I love your creative writing spurts. . and this one just gave me a GREAT idea. I’m going to have my creative writing students follow blogs (not the ones I do) with some writing prompts. Cool.

  6. Oh to have the creative writing gene that possess. I’m bowing down in your general direction!
    Wonderful….except…everytime I see green army men, I think of Toy Story…your story, BadMom’s cake…guaranteed smile from me!

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