Have you had your Obamagasm today? Because I know you had one yesterday. Here, let me help out today, yo:

In other news, my laptop boyfriend is in rehab (aka the back room at the Apple store). I miss him and the access he gives me to the Blogosphere. He is expected to make a full recovery, but it may be a few days. Meanwhile, I am crawling through cyberspace with my old Dell desktop. My hip young monitor and slow cranky desktop don’t get along, so everything looks wonky. As a result, I’m not having fun online and I miss my bloggy friends. One would think that with all this free time away from blogging that my house would be clean or that I’d have read a book from the ceiling-high stack on my nightstand, but no. Heh.

In still other news, my car karma remains intact, although I would like to trade it in for Apple karma. Apparently, however, karma doesn’t work that way, so I’ll take what I can get. When I pulled into the very busy parking lot at the Apple store to check my laptop boyfriend into rehab, my usual spot in front of the store was open and waiting for me as other mere parking-space mortals circled the lot. My kids refer to my parking space (in front of wherever I’m going) as the Pope spot. Even when we lived in Beverly Hills and not even Cadillac One would have been able to find a spot, I’d have a parking spot in front — with money already in the meter, natch. I may not have a laptop boyfriend (black screen); I’m on my second iPhone boyfriend (a button broke off), and my third video iPod (various issues), but at least I’m the Pontiff of Parking. Also, I turned over my oldest daughter to an Apple Genius, so I get excellent service on all of my broken stuff.

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33 comments on “Have You Had Your Obamagasm Today?”

  1. So, Apple’s best customer huh? I have a colleague who has two iphones, bling bling, one for his real friends, and one for his “fake” friends, i.e. people he doesn’t want to have his “real” number!

  2. I’ve had multiple obamagasms in the last 24 hours! And another thing we have in common: I, too, am a charmed in the parking space department. My friends ALWAYS make me drive and tell me I’m “annointed!” : )

  3. I can’t drive because I’m blind, but my husband can and we have a parking flag. So there is usually a spot nomatter where we go.

    I am so thankful for that flag too, because even though I can’t drive I have had to go out to the car for things and the only reason I was able to find it was because it was in a close spot.
    Oh and being blind I can’t see that scary ice in the parking lot. The less I need to walk out there the better.

  4. We call those precious parking spots “Sally spots” after my mom who (incredibly) always manages to get one!
    And, hurray for Apple products. Love them!

  5. My step-father credited those parking spots to his red hair (what little he had left). My mother credits it to her luck at marrying him, or something like that. But he’s been gone for 10-1/2 years now, so I think she’s just lucky.

    I don’t get those spots. No matter, I need the exercise.

    Does drinking several “Obamartinis” yesterday, and watching countless hours of coverage count??

  6. Oh, they are hawt!!

    Much sympathies on the old laptop. I’ve been limping along on since mid December.

    Because just before my computer blew up, my husband spilled a drink on his laptop, we are reduced to his desktop plus an ancient, slow laptop. And since he’s spent the holidays and most of January working on deadline for his book, I’ve had to make do with the laptop.

    The royalty check from his publisher finally arrived! which means my brand new laptop has just been ordered. Can’t wait! It’s going to be midnight blue!

    I envy your parking karma. How do you do that?

  7. I totally just had an Obamagasm. *drools* He’s SOO HAWWWWWT. HAWT, I say. HAWT.

    As for the parking spot? You biotch – it’s so unfair. I always get screwed. ALWAYS. I’m the jerk circling the parking lot endlessly.

  8. Scout, Holly, and katydidnot:

    I was so totally proud of Obamagasm. I even told Tom earlier today that I should have filed for copyright protection for Obamagasm. And then? I came home and Googled Obamagasm. And? Obamagasm is in Urban Dictionary. *sigh*

  9. I was wondering if “cellogasm” is in the dictionary because that’s what I get everytime I see Yo Yo Ma!!! teehee!!
    It’s so nice to see someone who doesn’t make me wanna roll my eyes whenever I see him…especially if he’s coming from the White House!!
    I’m just glad that I’m pretty sure I won’t have to have answers for “But, Debbie…WHY did he do that?” for almost every thing that man did….
    Pres. Obama…Hail to the (Hawt) Chief

  10. OKay Obamagasm and why didn’t I think of that? Because you are WAY MORE AWESOMER. Love it. if you need another Obamagasm come over and see the photos I took LIVE AND IN PERSON. Yeah we’re still on could 99 around here (because cloud 9 just isn’t high enough….)

  11. I’m so disappointed that you didn’t write more on the Obama inauguration. I’ve been waiting and waiting. I even gave you an Award commenting on your insightful political commentary.

    Sorry to hear of your Apple karma. I understand this too, considering I’ve had 2 iMacs within 2 months and my iPod went kapoot in December (and thank goodness for Future Shop extended warranty protection so I got a brand-new one!!)

  12. I love that title. Obamagasm. I was having them all day on Tuesday so on Wednesday morning I woke up all exhausted and wondered why. Now I know. It was an Obamagasm. Dare I say……”I HAD MULTIPLES”.

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