NaBloPoMo Day Sixteen:
Happy Birthday Trish!

My dear friend Trish is having a special birthday today, so I’m borrowing a gift idea from my oldest daughter, Kristen. For Tom’s 40th birthday, Kristen gave Tom a list entitled “40 Reasons Why I Love My Dad.” So here is my list for Trish’s birthday. See if you can figure out Trish’s age. (Sorry, Trish.)

“Reasons Why I Love Trish”

1. She goes by different names for different people/periods of time in her life: Trish, Patti, Mom, and Gran.

2. She has hands that move as gracefully as a ballerina dances.

3. She loves soundtracks and show tunes.

4. She climbed the Great Wall of China with Henry.

5. She cried at the end of The Other Boleyn Girl.

6. Jamie

7. Anthony

8. Brandon

9. Henry

10. Tatum

11. Chase

12. She always laughs at my dumb jokes.

13. She has read my blog since the very first post.

14. She always asks me when I’m going to write that book.

15. She takes my telephone calls when I’m low with shoulder pain, high on Vicodin, and crying.

16. She French braids Laura’s hair.

17. She created this beautiful shirt for my Brownie Troop.

18. She created this beautiful shirt for my wife.

19. She created this bag for the San Diego Blog Bitches BitchHer 2008.

20. She created the masthead for my blog, making one of my crappy pictures look hawt.

21. She is an incredible photographer.

22. She has a Mac and knows how to use it.

23. She has a black (duh) iPhone and knows how to use it.

24. She introduced me to Jared.

25. She introduced me to Don.

26. She knows what Don would say in any given situation.

27. She never judges me.

28. She never judges anyone, although sometimes I wish she would.

29. She has saucy hair.

30. She rocked the orange toenail polish last fall.

31. She always tells me which Oprah shows to be sure to watch.

32. She is the only person I could stand to drive with all the way to Las Vegas and back.

33. She has the only kid I could stand to drive with all the way to Las Vegas and back.

34. She gets up off the couch and meets me for sushi in ten minutes flat when I ask.

35. She created Tuesday night folder dinners with Laura and Henry.

36. She rocks the thrift store post office uniform dress.

37. She rocks the $17.98 dress from Wal-Mart.

38. She has sweet glasses, and if she doesn’t give them to Jamie, I want them.

39. She always sees the good in people.

40. She loves going to the theater with our kids.

41. She says “gobsmacked.”

42. She was David in the Valley of Elah.

43. She has sandals that look like the ones David wore when he was in the Valley of Elah.

44. She rocks the sandals that look like the ones David wore when he was in the Valley of Elah.

45. She always says a prayer when she passes a traffic accident.

46. She never carries a purse larger than a VHS tape.

47. She tried to talk me out of buying a car with a V8 engine for environmental reasons. (She was right.)

48. We always get addicted to the same drink, which we can never get enough of until we’re sick of it. (Our current favorite beverage is Pellegrino.)

49. She has a seriously awesome rack.

50. She might be the most loving human being I’ve ever met.

Readers, please join me in a Happy ??th Birthday wish for Trish!

14 comments on “Happy Birthday Trish!”

  1. Happy Birthday Trish. Can you french braid my little girl’s hair too?

    I wrote a similar list for my husband when he turned 30…way back when 😉

  2. my oldest sister used to french braid my hair when i would stay with her after she moved out. it hurt like heck while she was doing it, but it lasted for two days and i love her for it.

    happy birthday trish. lucky laura on the french braiding. lucky cheri that you’re her friend. lucky henry, lucky jamie.

  3. Cheri, I am horribly relieved that you don’t know me personally and are unlikely to ever get a photo of me. I’d fall off my rack (or at least my chair) if an arrow was pointing at my rack!

    Happy belated birthday, Trish! You sound like an awesome friend!

  4. Hey blog world… slacker Trish here, just now reading this post I missed for days because I am so old now that I forgot how to use my computer. Or. My vision is gone. Or. Some other equally lame excuse.

    Cheri YOU are the very best friend in all of the blog-o-verse. I AM SO LUCKY!! You are just a brilliant, gorgeous, hilarious, considerate, deep, loving, generous, voice of reason, and you have excellent taste and judgment in all things, as readers of your most excellent blog well know.

    I am really lucky to know you. I am even gobsmacked and stuff. And I have tears running down my face, and I peed a little. And geez you’re wonderful! Thank you.

    I don’t even care that you are married to a man & another woman. I love you just as much as they do without the vows and penis and stuff.

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