NaBloPoMo Day Twenty Three:
Hamsters are Taking Over the World!
Before he planned world domination with Pinky’s assistance,
Brain knew another genetically enhanced rodent, a hamster named Snowball.

To read Gary Rith Pottery Blog is to love Gary and his missus. Gary’s pottery (he operates his own studio and teaches at Cornell) is just the beginning. It puts smiles on our faces, to be sure. But if you follow his blog, you will soon find out that Gary has a lovely missus named Maude. However, on Gary’s blog Maude is mostly known by his terms of endearment, which most often take the form of edibles such as “apple crisp” or “pickled beet.” (Gary wonders aloud whether the pet names he has for his missus might be more her pet peeve . . . ) Gary shares a lot of photos, particularly of his pottery, pets, and “pecan pie” (sorry Maude, I sold out a sister for the allure of alliteration). One of the more interesting things about Gary (as if calling your spouse “tofu pup” weren’t interesting enough), is that he dreams about hamsters, but in a good way. Have we lost you yet? Almost? Hang in there, keep reading, Gary really is an awesome guy.

Sometimes Gary’s dream hamster is wearing a white Elvis jumpsuit and little pompadour hair. Other times that hamster is wearing little glasses and holding a book to its chest. And then there was the time that Gary’s dream hamster showed up wearing a cape. Can you guess my favorite of Gary’s dream hamster characters? Pirate! Yeah-huh. Gary, we may have lost everyone else now, but you keep reading.

So . . . Gary, guess what? Laura and I thought you would especially like our new iPhone application — Pet Hamster.

In fact, we made you a little video so you could see how it works!

In other hamster-related news (who thinks I’m scraping the bottom of the brain barrel twenty-three days into NaBloPoMo?), we went to see the movie Bolt today, and Gary, you will love it! The hamster totally steals the show. I laughed out loud many times during the movie, always because of the hamster. I’m sure that Tom was a little embarrassed because I was the only adult in the theater laughing out loud, but Tom’s a good sport, and, anyway, a break-up at this stage in our lives would be much too expensive for him. Here is a review of Bolt at Wired. And here is a peek at Rhino the Hamster. Rhino is not only the brilliant guest star in Bolt, but apparently appears in other Disney movie trailers . . .

Maude, I’m guessing that you won’t have to feed Gary any hamster-dream prompts tonight. This post should be enough to keep you both in hamster dreams until Christmas!

Readers: Do you have any pet dreams, pet names, or pet peeves?

15 comments on “Hamsters are Taking Over the World!”

  1. Cheri, I saw your post title and just knew it was going to be good! However, if I dream about hamsters tonight, I am going to blame YOU! lol
    My husband has called me muffin, but he never could explain why.

  2. Would it be kinky to admit that sometimes before we get up, the better half rolls over and says, “Oy?!? What are we goin’ to do today, Brain?” and I rub my hands together gleefully and say, “Same thing we do everyday, Pinky, try to take over the world?”

    Because we do. He.Is.My.Soulmate.

  3. I was afraid to admit it at my own blog, but the little hamster was there in the dreams last night, dancing in little pink boots….
    and OOOH! There goes my little tastycake now, going commando on her way to the shower…
    anyway, what was I saying? AH! Thanks for the rather lengthy and thorough plug!!!! Hogs and kisses Cheri….

  4. Do you remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry and his new girlfriend kept making their friends sick by calling each other “Schmoopy” and “No, you are schmoopy!” … yeah, well, we started as a joke off of that and one thing led to another …

    There was rhyming and it went from Schmoopy to Doopy to Poopy and all kinds of combinations until 15 years later where we often call each other either “PoopSchmoop”, “SchmoopyPoop” or just “Schmoop”

    Normally I don’t even think of it, but then there is the panic of being on VOIP with my gaming buddies and I have the microphone keyed as my wife comes in and says “PoopSchmoop, you ready for dinner?” /sigh

    Oh yeah, then there is the nicknames with the kid … I became JayBear to the point where my daughter said that word more than “Dad” as she learned to talk. Thus all her cousins and toddler friends would call Katy by her last name and they would call me “JayBear” … my brother-in-laws thought this was hillarious so they still sometimes call me JayBear now in social settings 🙂

  5. My hamster died when it tried crawling through a pretty little thing meant for fish bowls. He got stuck, and I guess suffocated. It was really quite traumatic. Your post brought it all back… thanks.

  6. I call my nephew Pig, short for Piglet. And apparently, when I’m yelling after him – such as, “Pig, get back here!” – people look at me like I’m a loon.

    Or maybe I’m hoping it’s because I’m yelling “PIG!” at a 1 1/2 year old boy…

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