Little kids typically wake up early. No matter how late they go to bed, they still wake up early. That’s just what little dudes do. Laura likes to sleep late, however. No matter how early she goes to bed, she still wakes up late. Perhaps it was being raised with teenagers. Perhaps it is just her internal circadian rhythm. Even as a baby, and then as a toddler, and so on, Laura would sleep in, and in, and in. All in all, it’s pretty darn cool. During her preschool years, we purposefully registered her in the afternoon session in order to honor her sleep pattern. Since starting full-day Kindergarten last fall, we’d have to wake her up from a sound sleep at 7:30 AM every morning to get her ready for school. On Sundays, I often have to awaken her so she can catch the Sunday school class that starts at 10 AM. I have been looking foward to summer vacation like it were a big box of Trader Joe’s truffles so that we could sleep in here and there. We have kept up with a pretty busy schedule this school year. This was a particularly busy last week of school. And yesterday was emotional and busy with all of its last-day-of-school events followed by swimming all afternoon with friends. And so, here at last, is the first day of Laura’s summer vacation. She was up at 6:15 AM.

1 comment on “Good Morning Sunshine”

  1. ACK! That is too funny!

    I was preparing to be really jealous of you because Jarrah teased us with a two-week spate of rising at 8:30 (ah, bliss!) and now she is back to 6:30.

    It’s teaching us to go to bed earlier than our preferred 12:00, I’ll tell you that much. 😉


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