Who feeds ideas to Santa? I need to know.

Laura got a digital camera from Santa.

Laura took some photos of me and Tom.

Laura also has a photo-editing program on her computer.

Laura is apparently pretty good at using it.

Look what I found on Laura’s desktop:

The digital camera? Maybe not such a good idea.

Because? The horns, the green face, the blue tongue, the beady eyes, the clown mouth, and the evil-slanted bushy eyebrows? I can live with all that. But did she have to give me gray hairs?

I must be a glutton for punishment though. After what I’ve been through this week at the hands of Laura? I still don’t want this winter vacation to end.

Tell me about a favorite holiday gift you gave or received to take my mind off the trauma.

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  1. I find this kind of thing as my screensaver all the time.

    I think my favorite gift given was the guitar to my oldest son. We already bought him a Colorado ski pass, so he didn’t think he was getting anything beyond socks and underwear. The guitar is a beauty. He’s very grateful.

  2. I think it’s pretty funny since it’s your kid and not mine!

    I have no memory of gifts given or received. All of my thoughts have been around getting my kids back to school in one piece (read that, “without my killing them”). That was my whole blog yesterday – the venting helped… for a minute.

  3. my boy bought me a gym bag. and my girl made me a vase and filled it with flower pens.

    good kids i have.

    i like laura’s interpretation, it’s sort of american gothic meets um…laura, i guess.

  4. Have I mentioned to you that I got an iPhone for Christmas? I think I might possibly have alluded to it in passing. I gave a bunch of gifts too. All were well received, but yeah, none of them were iPhones, so they don’t really rate a mention.

  5. I like the nose ring detail. She’s quite good at turning her parents into monsters.

    Favorite gift? Several DVDs of sappy love stories. I’m saving the best for last, the latest version of Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightley).

    Oh, and my Duffy CD. Mercy!

  6. My favorite gift is my new robe! It is black and red buffalo checked very thick fleece from Woolrich. I wear it when I go out to the hot tub and back. It is sooooo wonderful, toasty and soft. Mmmmmm!

  7. She could’ve done worse. At least she didn’t make you have enormous thighs.

    Favorite gift? Gave my daughter a purple blouse that I worried and worried and worried about and it turned out she loved it. She actually gasped when she saw it. SCORE!

    The gift I got? My fave was my dad’s. Money. MONEY. Bought me a killer prop for photo project and will eventually pay for my new lens, too. AND I managed to pay a bill or two at the same time. Totally unexpected gift. Unprecedented, too. Gotta love those dads throwing us kids curve balls from time to time.

    Da Goddess

  8. But look! It’s like an education gift, what with getting her on the computer and all. She’s building skills and learning a trade. She could totally edit photos for, like, perezhilton.com.

  9. You have created such an evil (talented) genius!
    My very favourite gift that I gave? I had all the home movies converted to DVD so that each of my kids has a set. It’s been such fun watching them all!

  10. Can someone explain to me why these kids draw pictures with noses full of snot? And running? Over here? We got those too. Yuck.
    Oh wait…I could send you hand drawn pictures of monsters and poop…of super heroes…and poop…of…oh well…you get the drift!

    Favorite gift? this year? watching the k-man open up his new fancy-schmancy electric razor that he needed but he didn’t know that I knew he needed. that was great!

  11. Laura cracks me up! She’s a regular chip off the ol’ alien! (Well, she DID give you gray hair, lol)

    The favorite gift given (that I can think of at this very moment) is the snake mugs that Gary made for my 9yo SnakeMaster. Sweet!

  12. Oops, I forgot to answer your question. I do all my shopping (so there is very little surprise element to any gift ~ sign). The best gift given: my sister loved Holly Hobbie as a child. I bought her vintage Holly Hobbie salt & pepper shakers on ebay that were shipped all the way from Australia.

  13. How funny!

    I know what you mean – I love the long winter vacation and not having to worry about all the school stuff and having the kids around.

    Happy New Year, Cheri!


  14. So, what kind of out of this world thing do you have planned for this awesome child’s birthday?! Because I think she takes the cake in terms of providing lots of humor for your household! (and for us!)

  15. Making donations in our nieces and nephew’s names for different charity organizations- Get on the Bus – giving a child a ride on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to see their parent in prison, clothing a child so that they can go to school, etc.

  16. Um – those are white hairs, dear. Not gray hairs.

    But I still don’t think you’reold until you get gray pewbs.

    And also I love ALL the gifts I gave myself … er… my son. Especially the giant floor mat keyboard. HAWTNESS.

  17. Aside from the lovely gold suede jacket that I got from my parents? A surprise subscription to my favorite art magazine: “Cloth, Paper, Scissors”. My mother-in-law is a gem!

  18. I’d be more concerned about the boogers and droopy tongue.

    Gray hairs you can dye. Hung tongue? Not so much.

    But it’s cute how Laura put a smiley face to offset the fact that you and Tom are aliens. It really softens the blow.

  19. I’m so glad my kids aren’t old enough to do this. Or, at least the ones who are aren’t allowed on MY computer and don’t have their own digital cameras…yet. 🙂

    Fav gift? Hands down, those front loaders. I didn’t even care about the other stuff.

  20. My 13 year old daughter got a laptop for Xmas (Santa is way more generous than Hannukah Harry). I was fixing something for her and checked her “Trash Bin” (ok Santa wouldn’t pay for a Mac). In the bin were several pictures of her and one had a “balloon” drawn in to make it look like she was saying “F- you.”

    I getting ready to ask her about that.

  21. well, it’s camera related, so I’m saying “sorry” ahead of time.

    My favorite gift was a remote for my camera. Now maybe I can actually be in a few of the pictures I take.

  22. My favorite gift that I gave was pillows to my former mother and sister in laws. You see, my husband’s grandmother had passed away earlier that year and they gave me bags of her material (she quilted… I craft) So, I found three different quilted patterns that were not finished. I finished them and turned them into pillows for Christmas gifts. They loved them.

  23. Ha! We got Ellie this little plastic Polaroid Pixie digital camera for Christmas and her pictures are fairly hilarious. I can’t post them, though, because they mostly involve intimate up-closes of our nostrils.

  24. I feel this is partially my fault – I was the one who put the photo editing software on Laura’s iMac.

    However, the twisted concepts were hers, though I’m sure my laughing encouraged it 🙂

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