They say that when you raise a child, you never know what you’re getting or how they’ll turn out. My first two children turned out to be liberal activists, and I am proud and pleased, to say the least. However, I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong with Laura. Apparently I’ve been in denial, because I was shocked to learn that Laura may have started leaning to the right, perhaps even embracing Reaganomics and the trickle-down theory.

Laura (reading signs posted along the road on the way to school): “Mommy, why can’t people buy gas on May 15th?”

Cheri: “Well, the idea is that if nobody buys gas that day, and the oil companies have to go one whole day without any money, they will get the message that they shouldn’t be raising the price of gas. Do you think it will work?”

Laura: “I don’t see why oil companies shouldn’t raise the price of gas. Why isn’t it okay for them to make more money?”

Cheri: “Well, it is one thing for companies to make money, but it is another thing for companies to be unfair when they are selling something that people depend on.”

Laura: “How are they unfair?”

Cheri: “In this case, unfair might be if the oil companies have all the gas and then make a lot of extra money by selling it at really high prices to people who don’t have extra money to pay those prices, especially people who might not earn enough money to buy the gas they need to get to work.”

Laura: “But if the oil companies make a lot of extra money, then they can give money to poor people.”

Cheri: “What if they don’t? What if they keep the extra money for themselves?”

Laura: “We could make our own gas!”

Cheri: “Good idea. But to make the kind of gas our cars use, we’d first need our own crude oil and a way to turn it into gas. Long story short, only the oil companies can do that.”

Laura: “Then I think we should have cars that don’t use gas.”

Cheri: “Now you’re talking. But right now most cars do use gas, so if we don’t want the oil companies to have our extra money for themselves, do you think that not buying gas on May 15th will work?”

Laura (pauses to think): “No.”

Cheri: “Why not?”

Laura: “Everyone who needs gas will just buy it on May 14th.”

Perhaps there is hope for her yet.

5 comments on “Go Left, Young Girl”

  1. Laura: “Everyone who needs gas will just buy it on May 14th.”

    Or the 16th, or the 12th, or two weeks later — it doesn’t really matter, as the oil company still gets the money, regardless of what date people purchase on. I’m glad even a seven year old can see through the holes in those “don’t buy gas” ideas.

    I’m as liberal as they come, but there’s a certain point where logic must prevail over idealism. No, dear hippie, by not buying gas on a certain date you’re only delaying the eventual profits the oil companies will eventually get. No, a Prius is neither saving you money or saving the Earth. In fact, it’s probably doing more harm than most people realize. And that pre-1975 VW bus you drove for 20 years? You probably put out more pollution than your neighbor who buys a new F-150 every two years, due to vastly improved emissions technologies.

    Okay rant over. I think over privileged Santa Barbara hippies have finally gotten to me.

  2. What I notice is how SMART Laura is, which she no doubt also gets from her Mommy. 😉 It must be fun to have conversations like this with your kid! 🙂

  3. Don’t buy gas on May 15…Okay I won’t buy “petrol.” She is such a smart little Goo. Don’t worry Mom–Kristen and I will lead her the left way.

  4. That Prius is actually helping, albeit in a roundabout way. It’s a PZEV vehicle, which means it’s not contributing to the increasing number of toxins in the L.A. atmosphere. And while it’s not “saving the Earth,” certainly using less resources trumps using more, although that’s partially offset by the resources used in creating the new vehicle rather than just driving the one you had prior to getting the Prius.

  5. Thank goodness she is so smart AND has left-leaning sisters. What a brilliant little kid! (And she smells good too!) PS Listen to Adam, he know what he is talking about!

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