We’re having further adventures with the free text message application that Laura downloaded for her iTouch. I’ll share.

Laura: “Emma is at the stables and Leigh is working today.”

Me: “How do you know?”

Laura: “I texted them to see if they could babysit me. I don’t want to go to the grocery store with you.”

Me: “Um, Laura, this is more of a general rule than a rule about texting. You can’t hire babysitters for yourself.”

Laura: “Oh, okay.”

Now that Laura (and her friends) are texting me a bazillion times a day, I called AT&T to make sure I have the unlimited text message plan because my text messages cost money, yo.

Automated Voice: “Press 1 if your call is regarding ###-###-###. Press 2 if your call is regarding a different number. ”

Me: [Pressing 1]

Automated Voice: “Please hold for a Customer Service Representative.”

Customer Service Representative: “Can you give me your number again? We don’t have a record of the one you’re calling from.”

Me: “###-###-####”

CSR: “We don’t have a record of that number in our system.”

Me: “Um. I’m talking to AT&T, aren’t I?”

CSR: “Yes, but we don’t have any record of your number.”

Me: “You send me a bill for it every month.”

CSR: “Can you give me your number again?”

Me: “###-###-####”

CSR: “###-###-####?”

Me: “Yes.”

CSR: “No, we don’t have that number in our system.”

Me: “Um. But you know that I’m calling from that number, right? I dialed 6-1-1 to reach you from that number.”

CSR: “Let me try one more time. Hold on.”

Me: “Okay.”

CSR: “Oh. Here it is.”

Me: “I want to make sure that I have the unlimited texting plan.”

CSR: “For which number?”

Me: “Um. The only number that I have. I hope.”

CSR: “Oh, okay.”

Swear to God.

(“Actual Conversation” title format inspired by the Minnesota Matron. Pictures courtesy of Google Images.)

28 comments on “Further Adventures in Texting with Laura & An Actual Conversation with AT&T”

  1. Laura? Mensa. AT&T CSR? Not Mensa.

    This may sound goofy, but I love how you credited Minnesota Matron with some creative inspiration. You’re cool. 🙂

  2. Two reasons why the world is going crazy and we are all going mad – texting and customer service reps.
    Kudos to you for keeping your cool during that phone call!

  3. Ah yes, nothing like a chat with the phone company to make you wonder why we’re not all just lying around, filthy and slobbering, unable to form sentences or command the use of our own limbs.

  4. I’m going to forgive you for calling me a “fool” at Blonut’s today b/c I know how stressful it is to talk to customer service! And b/c I know you want to come and meet that wrestler yourself but can’t! And that Laura is very proactive, which you know, is one of the habits of highly effective people! She’s awesome!

  5. You’re scaring me here… I just “upgraded” to a family plan, added limited texting, and am still trying to figure out the &#*&# new phone. It’s just a flippin’ flip phone, so why is this so difficult??

    My kids never hired their own sitter. Obviously, Laura is much smarter than they are, even though they also love math!

    Also? ROTFL at Sam’s comment!

  6. i think you need to be more specific with laura. maybe you should let her know that she can’t really hire anyone. because i see a loophole. and if i can see a loophole? laura’s already most of the way through it.

  7. Story of my life.

    The most frustrating thing I find is when you have to go through a million different advisers, who ask all the questions before referring you ,then you have to answer all the questions before being referred. And again, and again. Like when the car insurance people screwed up my policy.

    “How may I help you?”

    “Shall I give you my reference number?” (this is me trying to make it happen quickly)

    “Firstly Sir, please tell me your reason for calling.”

    “I’ve taken out car insurance, and I’ve received a letter…”

    “Can I take your reference number”


    “Right, I’m going to have to refer you…”

    And this happens 5 times before I get to the department who can actually help me.

  8. this stuff happens to me all the time, i should you the conversation between me and my doctor’s nurse, but it’s too long for this comment box. i’ve got it all typed up though

  9. ha,ha! Texting here is the ONLY thing is that is free. If I make a phone call, I pay 25 yen a minute. That is about 35 cents a min!

    Both of my kids know the ONE golden rule, unless it is an emergency text me!

    OH, and here I pay about $2 to check my very own voice mail. Needless to say I don’t ever check it.

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