*POTtery, yo.  POTtery!

ducky teapot
THIS FAB HANDMADE TEAPOT COULD BE YOURS! (Click photo to see full size)
ALL THIS CHOCOLATE COULD BE YOURS! (Click photo to see full size)

A long time ago in a galaxy not far far away called the Blogosphere, I became friends with one of the most wonderful human beings anyone could know, who also happens to be a gifted potter.  Over the years, Gary has filled our family home with amazing creations such as Mad Hatter mugs for one daughter’s bridal shower, mugs with Rafiki (my first granddog) for another daughter, a honey pot cookie jar, cow bowls (I gotta have more cow bell bowl!), candle holders, piggy pencil toppers, and a couple dozen or so duck mugs that were teacher gifts from my youngest daughter one year.  The blogging potter is amazing.  Check out Gary’s upbeat blog and Etsy gallery!


Gary isn’t just a gifted potter and entertaining blogger.

Gary has many friends, readers, followers, loyal customers, talkative lookie-loos who visit him at shows, a mischievous French sock monkey, and several imaginary cousins.  But there is only one love in Gary’s life.  Gary calls her Missus Tastycakes and other such endearments, and it is clear that she is his one and only forever love.

He’s an animal lover, dog walker, and pet sitter.  Gary’s owners are a cat named Spike and a beagle named Penny.  Penny is a therapy dog who visits at senior centers and such like; she is a legend in her own time.

Gary has the most amazing and vivid dreams, which he recalls and shares on his blog in detailed splendor.  My favorites are his hamster dreams, like the one wearing a white Elvis jumpsuit and a little pompadour hairdo.

Gary’s parents own a farm. I would very much like to buy that farm some day. Never mind that I have no idea what a tractor does.

Gary is a prolific fiction writer.  He has a way of taking a little bit of something dark from real life and turning it into quite a tale.  Here’s what Gary says about his fiction, “I draw bunnies and doggies and kitties playing. I make smiling elephants. Piggies flying! BUT I read mysteries day and night, and maybe write a little meself.”  Gary has graciously allowed me to post an excerpt below from one of his stories.  You’ll have to head over to his blog to ask him for more . . .

Gary and I have hosted “joint” free pot giveaways to lucky duckies in the past.  Back in the old days, we liked sharing POTtery with others so much, we thought we’d do it again.  It’s like we’re dealers, but with us no one is going to jail or rehab!  Plus chocolate is involved.  What would a teapot be without some tea?  And just in case delicious sugar- and calorie-free organic chocolate tea doesn’t float your boat as much as it does mine, I’m throwing in some fancy drinking chocolate and some fusion chocolate pods that are out-of-this-world good made by a San Diego chocolatier.

Here’s how to win that fabulous Gary Rith teapot + Chuao Chocolatier goods + Numi Organic Chocolate Puerh Tea pictured above:

Just leave a comment here and then go visit Gary Rith’s blog any time and as many times as you want before 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time on July 30th.  We will pick one lucky ducky commenter on this post and announce the winner on Blog This Mom!® on July 31st.

Excerpt from “Old Frame Glasses” by Gary Rith:

In the car he pockets his glasses and checks his pocket: the old black frame pair is ready. It is really too warm for the black jacket, but it stays on, a Yanks cap in the pocket.  At the ticket window, he pulls out his credit card, smiles and asks for one to THE AVENGERS, sure to be noisy and crowded at 7 on a Friday night…the teen at the window swipes his credit card, points to the door and remarks that the movie starts in a minute…perfect. He holds out his hand and pockets the receipt, 11.50 spent at 6:59. . . .

. . . .

Carefully he pulls out of the lot toward the highway, the old black frame glasses not nearly giving him enough clarity, but at the stoplight he pulls his usual glasses out, and with a quick glance around is able to switch them on, now seeing clearly again for the first time since he pulled up at the theater, and drives the ten minutes to the quiet woods road. The black jacket went back on, thin gloves too.

It is twilight in the spring, and his dark car pulls into the snowplow turnaround, and he edges it back behind some spruces. It should be good for now, its the best he could manage, but who is going to question him anyway? With luck and planning it will never happen.

It is a quick walk through darkening trees to the quiet and wooded backyard. He knew they would be sitting back there after 7:30. A week of these walks had shown that they finished wine with dinner and then took whiskey and ice out back if it was mild. It was mild and his boss was sitting on the patio. No dates for him yet, although newly single, everybody figured the boss was on the make. The radio played through the screen door and he was able to edge around the side of the house pulling the revolver out of his side pocket, coming behind the boss.

“Do two things for me and I won’t shoot you,” the gun an authentic looking BB gun, but the boss would never know, it was big, black, ugly steel shaped like a 45. . . .

NOTE from Blog This Mom!®:  This giveaway (both pottery and chocolate) and review is totally unsolicited and unpaid. Moreover, although I provided links to Gary Rith, Chuao Chocolatier, and Numi Organic Tea, I do not receive any compensation if you by their products.  I think they will like me if you do.  But they’ll probably like you more.  In any event, I have policies about reviews, you know, because this joint is a serious operation with policies and official legal language. I just happened to really like pot (of the Gary Rith variety), chocolate (of pretty much any variety) (except milk chocolate) (I mean, milk chocolate is okay sometimes, but I prefer dark, mostly), and delicious tea.

55 comments on “Free Pot* & Chocolate Giveaway!”

  1. I’m the proud owner of MUGS and BOWLS by this talented guy. He’s got mad skills and is a cool cat to boot. PLUS chocolate? Great giveaway!

  2. Isn’t it cool how many amazing people you meet in the blogosphere? (Like how I just found you through Green Girl’s blog. Love that.) My hat’s off to you and Gary for your celebrating fabulous artwork with your Pot and Chocolate giveaway!

  3. We have quite a few Gary mugs (inchworm that we told my youngest was a snake — because he loves snakes — and 2 actual snake mugs that Gary designed just for him even though Gary does NOT love snakes, plus 2 ghost mugs and some fabulous swirls and a Spike mug) (and I totally want to buy those giraffe mugs he posted last week) PLUS we have Gary-made bowls and we had plates until they were lovingly used and used and used up. (Some people don’t know how to load a dishwasher without half-dropping plates, apparently.)
    All this to say I LURVE his POTtery!
    And chocolate. And tea.

  4. I love Gary’s pottery. Every morning I MUST drink my coffee from my generously sized bunny mug made by Gary back about 2006-7. In the afternoon, I switch to herbal tea which would steep nicely in that teapot!

  5. What a cool idea for a cool guy!
    Gary was one of the first potters I ‘met’ when I started blogging. I’ve been lurking around your blog after following a link from Gary. It all comes full circle.

  6. I love Gary and love reading his blog everyday. It’s a fun read even if you’re not a potter. Thanks for supporting him.

    • Nice to meet you too! I feel the same. About Gary, his friends, and wanting more fiction! We see pottery, we read his fiction, and we’re lifelong fans!

  7. I’ll comment again. Cuz I think I need that pot and that chocolate. But it feels a little selfish, as I already have a few mugs and little stuff from Gary.

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