Laura: “Mom, can we go to Dairy Queen?”

Mom: “Not today.”

Laura: “Why not?”

Mom: “We’re about to have lunch.”

Laura: “Can we go to Dairy Queen after lunch?”

Mom: “Not today.”

Laura: “Why not?”

Mom: “We had frozen yogurt yesterday, we don’t need ice cream today.”

Laura: “How about just one small scoop of ice cream today, because yesterday I only had a very small serving of yogurt?”

Dad: “Laura, stop arguing with your mother.”

Laura: “Daddy, I’m not arguing, I’m asking a series of questions.”

35 comments on “For Argument’s Sake”

  1. I had basically the same kind of conversation yesterday with my 10-year-old about his NintendoDS. I’m not sure I want my son to meet your daughter…if he starts picking up the lawyer-speak, we could be in big trouble…unless he’s really good at it and then we might be looking at a future career!! hmmmm…something to think about….care to host a japanese kid for a few weeks?!?!

  2. Whenever my son starts in, I look wearily at my hubby.

    They love to *question* for fun. All the time.

    God be with you.

    (I can’t wait to see your new blog design soon. I love your heart.)

  3. HA! Hilarious! Kind of like when my then 4 year old son said, “Mom I have a deal for you.” Even before I was a lawyer I was making deals with them, “If you help me clean up the kitchen then we can all go play a game.” I didn’t realize how much I did it til they started negotiating their own “deals.”! Now he’s 15 and, I warn you, the deals get bigger and bigger. I fear he’s headed to law school…

  4. Yup- I am in agreement with the others who said something like “two lawyers get together and make a baby….” You got yourselg a baby lawyer there!

    Can’t wait to see the new blog design either. Love ya to pieces!

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