NaBloPoMo Day Seventeen:
Family Dynamics: From the Fly on the Wall, Episode 2


Laura is getting ready for school.

Mom [calling from her bedroom into Laura’s bedroom down the hall]: “Laura, we need to leave in a few minutes. Are you brushing your teeth?”

Laura: “Yes. Can’t you hear me taking the cap off of my toothpaste?”


Adam and Cheri are shopping at Whole Foods. Cheri’s cell phone rings.

Cheri [looks at caller ID and answers]: “Hey, Kristen.”

Adam [holding the grocery list]: “Did Kristen forget to put something on the list?”

Cheri: “Yes, she wants you to get a bottle of surface cleaner, like Method, or anything that doesn’t have . . .”

Adam [interrupts]: “I know. I know. She wants organic, free-range, sustainably farmed surface cleaner. I’m on it.”


Courtney and Cheri are chatting. Cheri is asking if Courtney has read Cheri’s Slow Cook Thursday at Derfwad Manor, in which she describes her infatuation with a certain bass player at her church (a bass player who dresses in black, has a shaved head, and may or may not have a pierced ear).

Cheri: “Did you read my Slow Cook Thursday?”

Courtney: “Yes. And, Mom, I’m not calling the bass player ‘Dad.'”


Cheri is talking to Courtney last week and the call drops. Laura is sitting nearby.

Cheri [calls Courtney back]: “Sorry about the dropped call. It happens all the time. AT&T totally blows, but my iPhone is worth every bit of trouble AT&T dishes out. So every time calls drop, I just call back. I love my iPhone boyfriend and I will never ever break up with it no matter how much I dislike AT&T’s service.”

Laura: “Mom, I’m not calling the iPhone ‘Dad.'”


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Readers, what has the fly on the wall
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  1. My iPhone is dead.

    Well, maybe not dead.

    More like, in a fitful rest. A coma really.


    Blank white screen.


    But yeah, I totally love it anyways. I’ll pretend to play with it until some “genius” can fix it.


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