This morning:

Me: “Laura, hurry up!”

Laura: “I’m coming!”

Me: “You’re going to be late for school.”

Laura: “I don’t care if I’m late.”

Me: “Laura, it’s my job to make sure you care if you’re late.”

Laura: “Mom, Einstein was always late for meetings.”

Me: “He was? I didn’t know that. How do you know that?”

Laura: “I don’t. I just made that up.”

(Photo Credit: Einstein photo was totally, flagrantly, possibly infringing on someone’s legal rights, and without any sense of artistic integrity on my part, jacked from Google Images.)

17 comments on “Einstein Has Left the Building”

  1. Tell Laura that her nose twitches each time she tries to mislead you & see if she covers her nose each time when deceitful! If the smart Laura plays mind-games, you can too!

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