Our Easter eggs ended up scrambled today, as a 7.2 earthquake (upgraded from the original 6.9 reports) centered in Baja California sloshed the water smack out of our swimming pool.

While Tom and I stood in a door jamb with Laura, I had the presence of mind (don’t say it) to run back for my iPhone boyfriend because, darn it, I wanted to be the first one to tweet the news. I’m pretty sure that I was first because the ground was still shaking while I was tweeting.

Within the hour, Laura had developed an earthquake detection device. She installed it on my desk. Also, she charged me $3 for it.

I should note, for the record, that Laura installed an earthquake detection device made of frogs on our dresser. Tom paid $3 for that one.

In summary, the earthquake caused $6 in damages at our house.

37 comments on “Earthquake Status Report”

  1. fShe is so smart. I would like to order an official Earthquake Detection Device. I will pay $3. I don’t want piggies or frogs though. I want rats. Of course.

  2. earthquakes are such weird things! I hadn’t experienced one til I lived in Japan…it’s like how Forest Gump described the rain in Vietnam…sideways quakes, rolling quakes, up and down quakes…strange! Glad you all are ok 🙂

  3. I really don’t miss the earthquakes of my youth spent in San Diego. I’m glad you’re okay and cudos to the gal with the bright ideas. Lemondae stands are a thing of the past. She should set up on the curb for business!

  4. Oooh, I want an earthquake detection device!!

    My husband was home, and wondered if his desk chair was going south on him. Me, I was in the car and didn’t feel a thing.

  5. Your daughter is brilliant!

    When my mother experienced the Nisqually quake, she stayed put in her doorframe. I think you made the better choice in bringing your iphone boyfriend with you.

  6. Looks like you need to get a better deductible on your insurance so these sort of devices are covered.

    Glad you, you family, and your iBoyfriend are safe.

    Thanks again for meeting us at DL and for feeding us.


  7. I am glad to see that Laura is so enterprising. And that piggy thing is crazy-cute. Now if only there were money to be made from tweets. 🙂

  8. That Laura will be one wealthy lady someday. (Speaking from someone who gathered stuff together from her Aunt’s and Grandmother’s farmhouses and sold their stuff back to them for a profit! There ya’ go, Laura, there’s your next enterprising adventure! You gotta whole neighbourhood surrounding you to do the same!)

  9. What you should have been doing was recording the whole thing as a video on your iphone. Of course, you would need to leave it recording all the time which might cause other problems. Accidental recordage of embarrassing shower moments perhaps, or whatever. But does that sound like a good idea? Next time you can be the first to post a video of the whole thing happening! Right?

  10. Glad to read this post as you were on my mind when I read about the earthquake.

    Could the early earthquake warning device be any cuter?

  11. I have one word that that innovative daughter of yours…flamingos.
    I’ll pay the $3….I might buy more than one device…we have earthquakes here, too, ya know!

    So glad you were okay…my students came to class a little freaked out by the news….they know I have friends in So. Cal. ergo…THEY have friends in So. Cal. We were ALL a bit worried!!

  12. I too would like one. Not for the house in Phoenix, because we don’t get earth quakes… but for when we move there. And I would like 3 little mini Lauras stacked up. K. thanks. bye.

  13. that’s a pretty good shaker. scary stuff. i’m grateful nothing happened to your or your family.
    its awesome you had the presence of mind to stand in a doorway– and away from falling objects or glass windows.

  14. Glad nothing major happened at your house! The last big (ish) earthquake we had, I was potty training Wyatt – I hoisted his pants up and ran outside.

    I’d totally have done the same if he had been an iPhone.

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