NaBloPoMo Day Three:
Down on the Corner

Overheard on the street corner this morning:

Tom [to no one in particular]: “How does Proposition 8 mean freedom of religion?”

Man holding “Yes on 8” sign [steps forward]: I’d like to explain it to you. The Catholic Church is no longer free to operate its adoption services because Massachusetts required it to place children with gay and lesbian couples.”*

Tom: Publicly funded adoption services, but aren’t you asking for a law to be passed for everyone that is based upon your particular religious beliefs?

Man: “Well, that’s true.”


Woman holding a “Yes on 8” sign: “You people keep stealing our signs.”

Mike: “Do you mean me? I don’t steal signs. You realize that No on 8 signs are being stolen too, don’t you?”

Woman [looks skeptical]: “You people have stolen three signs from me.”


Man holding a “Yes on 8” sign: “It is illegal for you to stand on the median.”

Woman holding “NO on 8” sign: “It is? A sheriff just drove by and didn’t say anything.”

Man [pulls out cell phone]: “Hello, I’m calling to report a protester standing on the median. [Pauses and listens.] I’m calling because it isn’t safe for her to stand there.”


Woman holding a “Yes on 8” sign: “I really hope that if we lose those gays and lesbians don’t rub it in our faces by celebrating in the streets with one of those parades.”

Cherin Brockovich and Michael Luther Queen
say, “Vote NO on 8.”

Readers: Did you overhear or say anything funny or ironic today, this glorious and thankfully last day before the election?

*Here is a link to an article de-bunking this and other myths.

26 comments on “Down on the Corner”

  1. Oh man! I love a parade!!!

    If I could vote in CA, I’d be voting NO…but since I can’t I’ll send really strong “NO” thoughts!!

    (Is your toe better? I didn’t see crutches in the picture….You look great, by the way!)

  2. Yeah…And the best line of the day from a long conversation I had with that lady was when she was going on about “activist judges” overturning the will of the people and what will happen next if this is aloud to stand…I responded to her by pointing out, rather, what preceded this (i.e. women’s voting rights, desegregation, interracial marriage, etc.) all by so-called “activist judges” who overturned the will of the people. To which she responded – get this – “Yeah, but that’s history.” And then I quickly ended this long conversation to nowhere =)

  3. It looks and sounds like a day well spent. It’s great that you would do this. The current hot issue in Ohio, besides being one of those toss-up states, is whether or not to allow gambling. I’ll vote no on that one, but it’s hardly something I’d be willing to stand on the corner with a sigh for.

  4. I was there too with my Didn’t we settle this whole Bigotry thing in like 1865? Vote no on H8 sign. At least 3 people asked me what happened in 1865? When I said it was the Emancipation Proclamation, which is basically the same fight, they looked at me as if they didn’t understand.

    And then Tom told a fart joke.

  5. frick. you’re so damn pretty. i can’t believe you’re my wife.

    if there is a parade, i think the rat and girl should be the grand marshalls.

    and? in my house the girl and first grader fight over whether it’s no on prop 8 or no on proposition 8. not over the yes/no part. awesome.

  6. Heard this morning at our corner…

    Joey: Doesn’t my sign look great, I used puffy paint.

    Matt: I didn’t use puffy paint on mine. I wanted to use glitter but he wouldn’t let me.

    It was great to be there with you all!

  7. No. And as someone who cast their absentee ballot weeks ago, I’m not leaving the effing house today because I’m 99% certain I will engage in less-than-intelligent discourse should I leave home.

    So All Effing Done with the ’08 Election, She Can’t Stand It.

  8. My 60-year-old dad, who remarried a 65-year-old woman 10 years ago, said, “People should only get married if they can procreate.”

    An “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” doesn’t begin to hint at my response.

  9. I voted!!!

    As I drove back from the polls, I noticed that there was a NO on 8 sign at easement driveway where a local conservative gadfly lives. this guy is a real pest and annoyance on a local community message board. nevertheless, there was a NO on 8 sign by his gate.

    Now – he shares the easement with his neighbors, so maybe someone was screwing with him, but it was so close to his front gate I have to assume he agrees with it.


  10. People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it, making it horrible for the older people and the kids?…It’s just not right. It’s not right. It’s not, it’s not going to change anything. We’ll, we’ll get our justice….Please, we can get along here. We all can get along. I mean, we’re all stuck here for a while. Let’s try to work it out. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to work it out.

  11. This Canadian is extremely proud of you!

    Yesterday, someone said to my husband, “yeah, Palin’s hot! that’s why I’m voting for her. plus if the ‘other guy’ gets in he’ll have us real Americans pickin’ cotton.”

  12. Yay for you and your signs and your spirit and just…you.

    As for irony, in regards to daylight savings Patrick said, “I love having this extra hour. Other than the part where it takes me an entire hour to re-set all of the clocks.”

  13. A friend of mine was at McCain’s “party” at The Biltmore…she overhead a woman talking on her cellphone who said “Well, maybe he’ll get assassinated”.

    Can you believe it?

    My friend, by the way, was there live-blogging for her paper and is not a Republican, she was sent there with another reporter, an ultra conservative. Who I hope was also properly horrified.

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