The first Sunday of the month was a double dip Sunday, and it reminded me of Father’s Day, which was only a single dip Sunday. On the first Sunday of this month we had two dips and one came in the form of us taking a swim, a dip, in our pool, which we do on most weekends. The other dip? Read on.

On Father’s Day morning, I told Laura that we would be skipping church so that we could spend the whole day with Daddy. Although Laura loves her Daddy like no other, she was peeved to be missing church and made her feelings known. I tried to appease her by offering up a trip to Krispy Kreme so as to atone for the sin of causing her to miss the doughnut she would have had with friends in the Fellowship Center after church. She accepted my settlement offer, but on the way to Krispy Kreme was still attempting to successfully negotiate a detour to church.

Laura (from the backseat): “Why can’t we go to church?”

Mommy (white knuckles gripping steering wheel): “Because it’s Father’s Day, and were going to spend the whole day with Daddy.”

Laura: “Why can’t we spend the whole day with Daddy after church?”

Mommy: “Because that wouldn’t be the whole day. That would be part of the day. And Daddy gets to have the whole day on Father’s Day.”

Laura: “Am I missing dipping?”

Mommy: “What?”

Laura: “Am I missing dipping? Is this a dipping Sunday?”

Mommy: “A dipping Sunday?”

Laura: “Yeah, am I missing a dipping Sunday?”

Well, now, I was perplexed. Dipping? A Dipping Sunday? Hmmm. Did she mean baptism? That couldn’t be. Although Presbyterians recognize all forms of baptism and baptisms at any age or in any church, Laura’s never seen a baptism by immersion. She was baptized, and has only seen baptisms, by sprinkling (aspersion), not dipping.

Mommy: “Laura, what do you mean by ‘dipping?’”

Laura (impatient): “You know. When they do the dipping. On some of the Sundays. Is this a dipping Sunday?”

Mommy: “Describe what dipping is like.”

Laura: “When you dip the bread in the juice. The bread represents the body and the juice represents the blood.”

Ah ha!

Mommy: “Laura, dipping is officially called communion. And it is usually only on the first Sunday of the month. So you won’t miss dipping today.”

Laura settled back into her seat and prepared for the next negotiation.

Laura: “Mommy, since I have to miss church, can I have two Krispy Kreme doughnuts instead of one?”

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