I wasn’t sure if my router was trying to break up with my modem, or if my modem was throwing hissy fits, or if my router needed steroids, or if I would never be able to flit around the Blogosphere again because all of my whining about our poor internet connectivity was not solving the problem.

Although he patiently did all that he could do over the phone, my very favorite Genius in all the land lives in another city, so I asked my friend Trish for Tony’s telephone number. Because Trish is totally computer savvy and if she likes Tony, then so do I. And then in a wee little tirade I told Tom that I was hiring someone to fix this shit once and for all problem.

Tom said that we should try calling the cable company first.

So I was annoyed that “we” meant “me” and why couldn’t I just call someone who would actually show up and fix the problem rather than keep me on the phone forever and ever amen plugging and unplugging and resetting and rebooting before they’d set an appointment for three weeks later on Thursday between the hours of 8AM and 6PM did.

The cable company gave me a new modem, and an amplifier without a crack, and something-or-other kind of cable instead of the wrong kind of cable the last guy used, and suggested that I call customer service to upgrade to turbo something-or-other service, which may or may not cost $13 per month extra. We already know that I handed over my first-born child for good computer service, and that I’m a total poseur at BOSSY’s poverty party, so another $13 per month is a no-brainer.

I called customer service to add the turbo something-or-other service.

Customer service told me that I had old codes in my bundles.

I neither paused nor sought clarification. I simply asked what, if anything, needed to be done about the old codes in my bundles.

They told me they could take out the old codes, but with new codes, my bundles would be different.

I neither paused nor sought clarification. I simply asked if there would be any downside to having different bundles.

With different bundles, pricing might change. There was no way to know in advance (really?), but it might go up more than the extra $13 per month. But it might not. No way to know.

And then I got that heady feeling one gets just as she’s about to experience the rush of faster internet service. I told them that I was willing to throw caution to the wind! Remove those old codes from my bundles! Let’s do this thing!

I could hear the clicking of keys. And then customer service asked me if I wanted to save money and add phone service too. No thanks. I’m happy to pay extra for my current phone service. It always works. More clicking of keys.

Guess what? With those raunchy old codes out of my bundles and the addition of my new turbo-charged internet service, I’m saving $10 per month now.

Turns out I got us hooked up with this turbo something-or-other internet service just in the nick of time.

Laura was apparently getting tired of the slow internet connection too.

I found this note on my desk the night before the cable company came out:

I think she was going to take matters into her own hands.

43 comments on “Do You Have Old Codes in Your Bundles?”

  1. Now I’m wondering if I have old codes in my bundles! (Regarding my Internet connection, of course…)

    And I’ll bet your Laura could have had this problem solved ages ago!

  2. $141.00 every frickin’ month for my 3-fer bundle, because I “need” fast internet (we were on dial-up for years) and verizon could NOT give me decent phone service. I hate handing such a bundle of money over to the cable company every month, but at least my phone, internet, and (side benefit) TV work just fine.
    Now if someone could figure out why my computer and printer no longer “communicate.” Grrrrrrrrrr!!

  3. Is that line on her post it note the place where you are supposed to write the answer?!

    She’s so awesome!

    Glad you got it all worked out!

    And have I told you today that you are super funny! Well, you are!

  4. Well OF COURSE Laura was going to take matters into her own hands. That girl is a go getter!

    We’re about to place our spring order with Lands’ End — do we need to coordinate Ellie’s wardrobe with Laura’s? 🙂

  5. I have to call comcast soon to get rid of my phone service and all my extra channels that we don’t watch.
    Apparently I signed a contract a year ago and can’t lose this crap until March.

  6. I’m glad to know others pay a send a car payment to their internet provider every month. I was worried it was just me, and I would be kicked off Bossy’s poverty party for not being frugal enough.

  7. Not even pausing to seek clarification? JUST EMBRACING THE UNKNOWN CHANGE without a whimper and barely a cry?

    Who are you? You must be an imposter? My Cheri doesn’t not do such things as …change without pause.

  8. Eeeeeeeek! I fear the day when K and N request a password to the computer! They will start doing things to my computer that will take me forever to undo!

    I so understand the challenges of bundles!

  9. I must say having “old codes in your bundles” baffles me. It must be purely billing related. I’m glad to hear you saved money in the whole ordeal. Just fyi for you and your blogging buddies, unless you have multiple downloads running at the same time there is no need for the “faster” tier services. Under typical web browsing situations the max throughput (speed) is never reached thus the only benefit of upgrading is having less money to spoil your kids with 🙂

  10. okay…seriously…here’s what i got out of all that…
    “bundles blah blah blah router blah blah hissy fit turbo something codes blah blah admistrator pass word blah blah”
    I know diddly shit of what you speak and am thinking that maybe having a japanese system really isn’t that bad.
    holy hell.

    i love laura. can she come here for awhile?

  11. oh what a brave, brave soul you are. My knees tremble and my blood pressure rises just thinking about calling the cable company. That’s one of the reasons I got married.

  12. Ok – so – Granilla just switched ISPs, today, and it was a total fail. She was trying to save money by “bundling” all of her services with Comcast but at the end of the day, she was hoping for the same overall level of service (wireless, functional phone, all email addresses in tact in her computer). At the end of the day, she has a huge cable modem in teh middle of the room with ugly cables draped all over the place and her phone is dead. Total. Fail.

    Stupid technology.

  13. Man, I hate being on the phone AND asking for any kind of technical help. You are a brave & patient woman.

    And your girl is downright extraordinary; she makes me breathe easier for our future. 😀

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